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About Mango

Hello BELOVEDS. Currently working on original webcomic Zircon Rose, fan comics, ans as well as as much fanart as I can possibly shove out of my body before the bleeding starts, so if anyone wants to be super SNUG on the process and also be an ethereal creature of endless beauty and goodness, WELCOME! It'll help with those hospital bills from the overwork TRUST ME.
As a disclaimer I can't *actually* bottle my own tears quite yet, so I'll instead be offering previews, requests, commissions, and possibly additional content further on down the line!

In the mean time, check out the general art blog here for fan comics:
and Zircon Rose at the HomepageTumblrWebtoons, and Tapastic
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Yall want books?? I would love to release some hard copy doujinshi and *whispers* original bl manga...
SO that's the plan if we get to this point!
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