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About That Vegan Couple

Thank you for considering becoming a Patron and helping to make possible our work to help animals and in turn people and the planet.

Who We Are
We're Natasha and Luca, known as That Vegan Couple on social media. We're podcast hosts, YouTubers, social media influencers, eBook authors, and animal rights activists.

We have
  • 25M+ YouTube channel views from 850+ videos
  • millions more views across Facebook and Instagram
  • a combined following of around 250,000 across our various platforms

About our Podcast Show
  • Started in July 2017, our first 25 episodes are freely available via our website
  • All our other episodes (100+) are available exclusively via Patreon; we explain why in this video
  • Globally, our podcast show has 400+ 5-star ratings on iTunes and hundreds of thousands of downloads
  • Episodes include a variety of formats including special guest interviews, news desks, film reviews, Q&As, potlucks, and more
  • Episodes include a variety of topics including veganism, animal rights, relationships, minimalism, various life topics, and more
  • Episodes include a variety of special guest interviews including film producers, activists, journalists, politicians, authors, psychologists, doctors, lawyers, athletes, innovators, creators, and game changers 
  • We aim to upload an episode every fortnight (two episodes a month) meaning if you pledge $1 a month each episode only costs you 50 cents
  • If you pledge $5 a month or more you also get a copy of our Recipes for Healthy Vegan Eating ebook
  • If you pledge $10 a month or more you also get a copy of our Recipes for Healthy Vegan Eating ebook as well as a copy of our Minimalist Living ebook
  • Irrespective of pledge amount, ALL our Patrons will have immediate access to ALL our Podcast episodes via Patreon

**Patreon works on a trust system. Upon signing up, you have immediate access to all episodes, and yet you aren't actually debited until the end of the month. We welcome you to start enjoying listening to our episodes as soon as you've signed up, and yet we kindly ask that if you are planning to cancel your pledge that you wait until after you have been debited at the end of the month.

  • On the rare occasion, there may be a special Podcast episode that we feel is important to be made free to the public. However this has only been the case once so far, with all other episodes only available to Patrons.
  • If we are approached by a potential sponsor we will still happily advertise their ethical product, as any additional revenue is always much needed to cover costs and expand our work.

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Our Legacy Work
In 2018 and 2019 we:
  • arranged international animal rights activism tours across around 50 cities of the USA, UK, Ireland, Israel, Canada, and Europe
  • gave many tens of advocacy/activism workshops 
  • arranged and took part in hundreds of activism events
  • gave tens of speeches
  • involved thousands of vegans in activism 
  • brought media attention to millions of people about animal rights

A playlist of almost 70 activism videos (many from these tours) including street outreach, farm and slaughterhouse vigils, disruptions, speeches, and marches can be viewed here.

Other examples of our legacy work which continues to educate, inspire, and entertain include:
We also continue to offer ongoing support and resources to our followers across various social media platforms and email.

Thank you!
We’ve always said that this is Team TVC, and we mean it. We’re eternally grateful for your support and please know that we literally can’t do this without you. YOU are the reason we can continue creating content that helps, changes, and saves lives.

Q: Can I give a one time donation or leave a “tip"?
Yes you can :) Here's what it says on the Patreon FAQ: "The best way to support your favourite Patreon creators with a one-time pledge is to become a patron and simply remove your patronage after the first of the month once your pledge has successfully processed”.
However, giving a one-time donation or tip will not give you ongoing access to our Podcast episodes.
OR, you can make a one-off contribution through PayPal: [email protected]

Podcast reviews

YouTube comments

"Just wanted to let you know what a profound effect your message (veganism/minimalism) has had for me. After going vegetarian last year have recently committed to going vegan and simplifying across the board. You are both wise beyond your years and what I so love about you is how you share this without expectation (and so intelligently and eloquently). Really inspiring!! Thank you"  

"Natasha & Luca, I literally just bought your recipes ebook and briefly looked through it - This is a God-sent! I am so excited to try these recipes (I was getting tired of the few things I was cooking). Your channel is hands-down the most useful and informative channel I've found on YT (and I've looked for videos regarding various topics for the past many years!).

"You're the best ... you put so much into this world" 

"Loving the PASSIONATE message and love radiating from you guys"

"Yours might have to be the best vegan channel I've come across so far" 

"Once again, Excellent, Excellent response. You nailed it on the head. This video should be made into a movie for everyone to see. This resonates with me on a level I cannot describe. What I can say is, Excellent!! Thank you for speaking up for the animals, children and planet!"

"This is one of the best videos I've ever seen! Loved how many powerful facts you put into it. Amazing!"

"As much as I am vegan for the animals, I am vegan for the people and for the planet. That, my favorite vegan couple, is why I watch you two. Because you two display a mature, dependable approach... I feel as though this line can describe you two and your channel very well: predominantly displaying, with unrelenting force, values of love, peace and compassion, approachably. I also deeply appreciate your approachability"

"I just want to say thank you for all that you do, you guys inspired me to start living a minimal lifestyle and to eat vegan. I am so much more grateful in my life for the things that I have. Thank you so much"

"I think about you guys a lot when I'm out and about in the world; I think about the love you two have for each other and the message that you're spreading and it brings me so much joy"   

"I can't help but love you both and admire you greatly for what you are doing.... your whole lifestyle concept of health, minimalism and veganism makes so much sense and is VERY appealing. You are doing a great job with your YouTube videos and for the promotion and support of veganism. Keep up your good work. You may never know how many lives you have touched and even changed for the better. I feel very proud of you both"   

"You both brought me to tears. I just started my journey towards a better, happy positive life and you are THE biggest inspiration I have. You bring me so much faith and trust that everything will be okay. I've always been quite positive, but have not made the best choices in my life. Two months ago, I was at my worst physically, mentally and spiritually. I'm not even 22 and I thought my life to be over. But I didn't want to give up on life. And I came across the video of Luca's talking about how to cure candida overgrowth (because I believe that's what I have). At first I was very skeptical, because I've tried so much and I was on so many medication for my psoriasis, asthma, allergies etc. But after watching Earthlings, Forks over Knives and Cowspiracy, I decided to join the vegan lifestyle. It's only been 3+ weeks but I've been so good and I owe it to you. So thank you. You brought me back and gave me life xxx"  

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