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Have you ever sat through a mathematics class wondering "Why is the formula like that? How did people work it out? Why are we even studying this? Is there anything to mathematics beyond facts and procedures to remember until the test and then forget?" The How and Why of Mathematics (THaWoM) is a mathematics textbook like no other, a reference book for anyone wanting to deeply understand any area of mathematics normally taught in school, a book of puzzles that teaches you what mathematics is really about.

THaWoM is only partially written; you can see the completed parts at thawom.com. With your support I can continue to add to it until it covers everything from counting to complex numbers.

Here are some of the features of THaWoM:

- fully worked solutions, with hints to allow you to control the difficulty of questions

- many questions of historical interest

and scientific interest

- an appendix where you can find all the mathematical symbols used in the book

- and integrated spaced repetition software to help you remember all the important facts for years to come.

THaWoM is released under a Creative Commons license, so if other people want to expand on it, translate it, make whatever derivative works they want, then they can!
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