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$2 is $2 and you're helping keep our show alive so, we're more than happy to send a sticker for your donation! We appreciate the support and THANK YOU!!
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The410 is here to share the stories of those lost to homicide in Baltimore City and to contribute in bringing change to our community. We're building a family with our show and you're a part of it! Let's get to know one another and let other listeners know that you're listening as well. You get The410 logo sticker and a shout out on an episode. 
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Hello potential patrons!
Although not required or expected, it would be greatly appreciated if you'd become one of our patrons. All donation funds go right back into the show for things like gas to get to and from interviews, case record purchases, web hosting, etc. For your donation, we'll send you the merch listed for each tier and continue to produce a show that I feel can bring a change to Baltimore. I currently fund the show on my own and honestly, could use the help of you, the listener. I have large ambitions for how The410 can help the city of Baltimore. Join me and the community of Baltimore City, those who have lost loved ones to homicide here and others who are working to make a change and lower or eliminate the staggering homicide count here. Welcome to The410.
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Reaching this monthly goal will help me fund the continuation of the show weekly and support our effort to do our part to bring change to the city of Baltimore and closure to my guests. I do a weekly show, 4 homicide records a month at $80 a piece, gas to get to my guests for interviews, web hosting, etc. I fund the show on my own and could truly use the help and your support is deeply appreciated. I do have merch available through a vendor that helps with funding (for every $20 tee sold, I get $4, coffee mug sold $2 and hoodie sold $6) and my percentage goes directly back into the show.
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