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is creating Visual Media Arts through Photos, Videos, Music, and Gaming
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About The Alt Geeks

Welcome to the TIP JAR for The Alt Geeks

" the alternative to the traditional Geek "

Over the last 10 years we have explored our combined need for art, its more apparent now than ever that we are beyond hobbyists. This is our life. The support and contributions of our followers is what allows us to keep living our dream.

Art is our passion and our life. The ultimate goal is to be an example to our children, stressing how important it is to find your true calling and it starts at accepting who you truly are through acknowledgment of your talents and what you love to do, do it to the fullest by sharing that love with others all around you.

We don't feel the need to hold back what content we create from the public SO sharing across many social media platforms provides the largest audience to connect with. It has been a great pleasure to meet and connect with many of our followers and fellow artists and geeks through out the years.  Through the growing demand of the market and our passions, the time and resources required can be hard to come by when there is a small pool to collect from.

This is where OUR Fans and Supporters can help us. Many of you already support your favorite artists and characters by purchasing their music, movies, paintings, sketches, books, creations, etc.

The TIP JAR allows you the opportunity to invest with a return!
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This first GOAL is about what content we can provide to our fans with resources we already integrate into our daily lives. Gaming is something we already DO anyways and it's the fastest turn around for our viewers. 

Streaming Live requires a decent set up for producing multiple "Shows." Monthly subscriptions for streaming services, gaming networks, internet access along with in hand tools like microphones, mixing boards, cameras, lighting, and storage space are all necessary to keep up-to-date to allow for smooth clean streaming.
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