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About Emilia Wilde

Hello there My fellow Net-izen! 🌐

My name is Miss Emily Wilde and its lovely to meet you.
I am an Adult Dream Conductor on a mission to stream great content into the world from my homebase in central London.


I create bespoke multi-sensorial experiences to help my patrons to realise their cherished adult dreams. My work creates exciting visual stories based on their fantasies. I work with emotions and interpret them through creative media.  My vision is to take it to the next level with live installations and experiences that place YOU right in the center of your fantasies.

My website: DominaEmilia.com
  • I create amazing scene adaptations from adult fantasies, both in-person and on video.
  • Created an e-learning system (LMS) for niche interests
  • In addition to my evolving art journey, I am an enthusiast of shibari. Video/photo posts of this nature will feature demonstrations, views...
  • ...and much more! (See 'Goals' on the left side). 

Contributions to my Patron will help me continue on My path. One that I want to share and build with you. Learn and create to entertain and inspire. Further pushing my creative vision into the world. One day, I hope to build my own successful studio with various lil helpers to create the most exciting experiences for my followers...ideally on a global scale before we expand to the solar system. I'd like you to board this rocket ship with me there - together :)

Your devotion will help make My dream a reality and as a loyal patron you can take part in the journey through the content I am sharing with my community. 

In return for your pledge, you will gain access to creative and exciting content available only here on Patreon. Depending on your pledge level, perks include - artistic videos, amazing digital photosets, funny behind the scenes content and much more!

See Reward Tiers for details (on the right side).

Being an entrepreneur is challenging. So be ensured that your support means a lot to me. No matter how much you pledge, know that I am humbled and immensely grateful for your contribution to make my creative vision a reality and put loads of smiles on peoples faces.

Miss Emily Wilde
87% complete
If this goal is reached with My loyal army of patrons, we'll commemorate by Me creating the first Femdom music video with a slave patron. The final song and slave will be chosen by the followers' poll. 

All supporting patrons will receive the exclusive video and photos from this performance!

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