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About Us

We’re Matt and Chris, and we make videos for our YouTube Channel “the Lost Sectors” covering old computer games and topics. Our videos are not reviews, but discussions about the game, and tangential topics that may arise from playing it. We strive to have everything on our channel be (at least in part) over 20 years old.

You can find us on YouTube at:

And a there is a fan run Reddit sub at:

Why we’re on Patreon

We love what we’re doing, but we want to do more. More shows, more methods of delivery, and better equipment. With help we can make that happen.

How can you help?

Backing us through Patreon would be great! And every little bit helps.
If that’s not for you, then sharing, liking, subscribing are great ways to help show your support. As well as joining us in the comments and playing the games along with us on the main show.

Thank you!

Thank you for reading this, for considering supporting us, and for taking an interest in our channel. It means a lot to us, and we hope you join us on our future shows as well.
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Hosting audio podcast version of the shows to compliment the YouTube channel.
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