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About The RPG Empire

Who are we?
We are the RPG empire a group of Creators, Writers, DMs, and Players making roleplaying content for your inspiration and entertainment.
We love RPGs and have a background in screenwriting, acting, game creation and we've been playing RPGs for more than 20 years. Paul our creative director even had the opportunity to play a Dungeons and Dragons game DMed by Dave Arneson one of the creators of DnD. :O

What do we do?
We create RPG content. Specifically, we create the Dust World RPG podcast a post-apocalyptic sci-fi western actual play RPG podcast, and the Patreon only podcast "Behind the Screen" a DM round table where we dive into the art and science of RPGs with your favorite DMs from around the internet.

Some Guests on the "Behind the Screens" podcast include Michael Sands the creator of Monster of the Week, Rev the DM of the Critshow, and Robert "Lachiel" founder of the Keepers Fellowship and creator of Second life Progeny a Vampire Role-playing game.

We also create games and media like settings books so you can play Dust World at your house with your friends and Monster of the week mysteries that you can play out of the box.

Our Podcasts:
Dust World RPG Podcast:
A post-apocalyptic sci-fi western actual play RPG podcast about a group of flawed individuals, the Boys, that are trying to stop Red Earth a mad dictatorship from taking over what's left of this rock. To Listen Click HERE.

Strangers in the Pines
Strangers in the Pines is an actual play roleplaying podcast using the monster of the week rules, inspired by things like Gravity Falls, Stranger Things, and Twin Peaks.

There is a town called Pine Forge nestled in the Blackwood national park in Northeast Oregon, USA. It seems small and quaint at first but if you spend enough time there and keep your eyes open you’ll realize something strange is brewing under the surface and in the pines that surround the town. Follow the exploited of 4 unusual high school students as they try to unravel the mysteries of Pine Forge and the Strangers in the Pines.
To listen click: HERE

Patreon Exclusive:
The Behind the Screens Podcast - A panel type show with your favorite DMs from around the internet.
We talk all things RPG with the hopes of dropping some knowledge bombs. We've had The creator of Monster Of the Week, the DM of the Critshow, and the founder of The Keepers fellowship and Progeny The vampire second life game so far and we have tons of DMs and conversations in the queue.

Mage World - Actual Play Podcast inspired by the Magicians and Harry Potter.
Mage World is a Magicians and Harry Potter-inspired actual play podcast and magical romp in a modern New York City. It begins with an unusual job offer and those that answer the call. Ivyhollow, the most notable American School of magic, graduates Nadine Alexander and Farus Owens, and the Hexenstald affiliated Dexter Ward find themselves standing in front of the American Museum of Natural History. They followed their magical summons and now wait to see what happens next.

Why do we want you to join the empire?
Well first off we bet you are awesome and we want to get to know you. Second, we want to expand and create a lot more content, do team-ups with other creators to bring you crossovers, interviews, and even more downloadable content.

That said what will we do with this money?
All Patreon Pledges go directly back into the creation of content and overhead, allowing us to create more high-quality shows, both exclusive for our Patreon community and open for the public shows, as well as, perform live shows at conventions, create products you'll have first access to, and maybe do some live-action video.

We welcome you to the Empire and thank you for spreading RPGs across the world!!!
$7.01 of $250 per month
Let all Space Wizards come together to form the Space Wizard Council and bring our messages to the galaxy!
When we reach $250 a month we can  hire our editors more hours and release Behind the Screens twice a month and add Star Wars show once a month. 
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