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is creating socially sensitive entrepreneurs and jobs in West Africa.

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Contributing with this amount goes a long way in West Africa: it might be only a price of a coffee for you in other parts of the world, but for our ngo, it pays 30% of the water bill or 10% of electricity bill each month.
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With this amount each month, you can pay the access of one West African entrepreneur to our business incubation services including:
  • one workstation in our headquarters in Cotonou, Benin, 
  • provide them access to 2 business training sessions per month,
  • allow us to assign them a business coach (business generalists) to build their business professionally,
  • allow us to assign them a personal mentor to ensure all plans will be delivered by building the skillset of the CEO,
  • allow us to get them one-hour consulting sessions with experts (field specialists).  
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About theSPACE Ngo

Dear Patron,

theSPACE Ngo is a registered non-profit in the Benin Republic, West Africa which operates a business incubator with the vision to raise more entrepreneurs in the region in order to create jobs while focusing purely on social impact.

Our mission is to reduce the inequalities between the developing and developed world regarding economic power and wealth distribution and we believe the solution is entrepreneurship.

If you find our work worthy, please consider supporting us on a monthly basis.

In exchange, we provide you
  1. more information in our monthly newsletter,
  2. shout out to you on our social networks, (in case you approve)
  3. access to our recorded business training sessions, 
  4. and you will be one of the firsts informed if there is an opportunity to invest in a high potential business in West Africa.

Thank you for reading us.

theSPACE team
Below, we outlined the key aspects of our operation and how we create a community of entrepreneurs who are socially sensitive.

Problem: Due to the harshness of the external environment, youngsters in West Africa are facing obstruction in their pursuit of starting and operating a business, while youth unemployment is extremely high.
Even though training opportunities are available by non-profits and development agencies, they still can not become entrepreneurs due to a lack of long-term nurturing (incubation), access to infrastructure (office space, equipment, tools, internet), and financials (investment).

Solution: In our 3-years-long incubation program, we provide affordable access to these components: incubation, infrastructure, and investment.

Goal: 20 Entities in incubation, 100 Experts supporting, 50 jobs created.
  • Currently, we have a total of 10 entities in 2 cohorts in incubation currently. The first 5 is with us since September 2019, the second is with us since September 2020. Please learn more about their profile on this page:
  • Our incubated entities through their operation created income sources for 20 people while theSPACE operation provides monthly income for 5 locals.
  • We have about 60+ Experts also volunteering with us for knowledge transfer activities as business coaching, personal mentoring, training, and consulting.

The uniqueness of theSPACE ngo is that:
  • we are a registered Ngo and operate as such non-profits in order to stay focused on social impact;
  • we support any type of business, not just tech startups;
  • we do not ask for equity, % of profit, or any other regular deals of incubators, but there is regular donation requested after the success of our incubated business. 
  • we charge monthly $10-15 to our CEOs which they can either pay or work for (bartel);
  • we operate both on individual donations and tickets sales for our 2 Training Sessions Each month (;
  • we engage our already existing network of AIESEC Alumni members (total: 1million+) as Business Experts and as Incubated Entities as well (AIESEC is a youth-run organization which we were all part of across the globe to develop leadership qualities, which provides our members great foundation to entrepreneurship learn more:
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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