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There will occasionally be art as part of the story. This tier will get you access to a discord channel where I'll share the art a week before it's uploaded as part of the story. You'll also have access to the exclusive interlude arcs - each acting as a non-plot relevant expansion of the previous arc, delving into character motivations and providing additional closure.

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About J. C. Weston

When Quinn finds an experimental superpower-granting costume in their parents’ attic, they didn’t expect to be drawn into a web of superhuman intrigue, but their discovery serves as the catalyst for that conspiracy to slowly unravel.

Hello! I write a superhero webserial called Paternum, which can be found here. At it's heart, Paternum is an extended coming-of-age story for the main character in a world with more reasonable stakes and less powerful heroes than many superheroic worlds. Themes include what art means to different people, and what it means to be a patron, whether as a sponsor, a parent, or a supporter.

I consider Paternum's primary influences to be the various versions of Spider-Man, J. C. McCrae's own superhero story Worm, and Drew Hayes' story SuperPowereds. I hope that the fans of such stories can find something to enjoy in mine as well.

Reviews have said things like...

… I couldn’t be happier with the protagonist. … this is the standout hero story that reminds one of lighthearted marvel and dc comics. … It’s just a good story to sit down and enjoy after a long day. The stakes are reasonable, the decisions are real with relatable consequences, and every single character so far is enjoyable. … the interactions between the groups is always an addicting read. This world is great and deserves a lot more attention …
Review by Darch

… I’m loving the MC. They are interesting and I love the relationship they have with their dad. … The sketches throughout are a nice added touch.
Review by Nova Girl93

… this story is off to a great start. Quinn, the main character has a well defined personality so far and an intriguing situation in a world of super powers and magic. … I’m looking forward to seeing where this one goes!
Review by HueyHare

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My current plan is to post once a week. If I reach this goal, however, I'll commit to writing enough that I can post twice a week - on Tuesdays and Saturdays.
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