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Access to 2 art lessons each month
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You will gain access to 2 stand alone art lessons each month. The lessons will vary in content and will cover a huge range of art styles and activities. 

You will be able to build up this bank of lessons to use again and again, altering them as you see fit, or just using them as they are! 

All lessons include:

 - starter activity

 - main lesson

 - plenary / reflection activity

There will be links to artists and can be differentiated for students aged 11 - 16.

Access to full art schemes of work
per month

You will gain access to a fully planned and deliverable scheme of work for art. These will be based on broad themes that can be interpreted in a variety of ways by your students, for example "Light & Dark".

All schemes of work include:

 - a series of lessons that can be delivered straight away (or personalised!)

 - links to various artists related to the themes (research)

 - ideas and examples of experimentation related to the theme (exploring materials)

 - examples of how the project can be culminated (personal responses to the themes)

 - individual lessons that break down learning into chunks

These schemes of work are most suitable for students aged 11 - 16, however you could differentiate them for younger students. 

The schemes of work assume you have access to basic art materials and equipment in your school. Please just contact me if you are not sure.




I don't just work as an art teacher - I also make art myself and have exhibited my work across the UK and Europe. I have studied a huge range of styles, processes and techniques in art for over 10 years, and I try to use all of this experience in the classroom. It seems to be paying off, because I am now a member of the Teaching & Learning team at my school and deliver training on developing an outstanding teaching practise. 

My aim is to make art inspiring, challenging and possible for every student that I teach, helping them to understand the importance of developing skills, critical thinking, problem-solving and analysis (to name a few!). 

Joining my Patreon will give you access to fantastic resources, lessons, tips, schemes of work and ideas to help with all aspects of teaching art, including planning and reflecting on lessons. So, thanks for your interest and hope you love the rewards!
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