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Contributing one USD a month will give you a special place on the member list and a spot on the contribution listing channel and straight access to self-promotion and Server DJ!  
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(Note: You should only be viewing this if you are currently having a pending partnership and have mentioned a paid partnership) By spending 3 USD ($3), your Discord server partner message will be displayed in the "Paid Partnerships" channel and have the role "Partners" mentioned (which is given to every member)

This reward will continue for each month a contribution is made. (If decided to continue contributing)

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Fabulous Donor!
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By taking the "Fabulous Donor" pledge, you will be rewarded the role "Fabulous Donor" in The Breakroom which gives you the a ability to submit a custom emoji which can be changed once a month after each payment, viewing our audit-logs, text-to-speech, a custom role, and direct access to self-promotion/giveaways/Server DJ!
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About The Breakroom

     Hello, my online name is Skyfenfury but you can call me "Sky". I am the owner of The Breakroom which is a server on Discord. I created The Breakroom mid February to provide a great place to enjoy your time on the internet and chill out with other users while gaming with many other users on the internet and have an exceeding amount of fun. 
     At The Breakroom, me and my awesome team of staff members strive to make everyone's experience on the internet one to remember by finding many different ways to keep you the user entertained and listen to feedback or suggestions and being very chill to spend time with. We truly appreciate every user that is apart of The Breakroom for we value their existence in our wonderful community.
     To tell you about myself, I have a very kindhearted and caring personality but I am also a very fun person to hang out with. Me being very kind and caring to other members helps me influence others to maintain peace and accept many other people that may be defined as "different' throughout the community. I am a kind of person to value every new and friendly face that appears in The Breakroom and in many other places outside of the internet.
     I created a Patreon because I care dearly about my members and want the best for them by providing the best of the best for them to keep them happy and joyful while spending time in the community. I intend to use the funds received to help improve more internal and external parts of The Breakroom and purchasing prizes for users that participate in giveaways, I find it great to see happy faces (in text form) when they win large prizes! We would truly appreciate if you join us here!
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If we are to successfully earn $125 USD from the lovely community, I vow to present a face reveal to everyone in the community!
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