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About The_Drifty_Vegetarians

Welcome to our page.

We are The Drifty Vegetarians and would like to thank you for visiting our page

- Who we are, are a non-immigrant Indian family of 2 adults and 2 kids based in the USA.
- Who we are, are content creators and currently handle an ever growing instagram handle
- Who we are, are extensive travelers. We travel wherever & whenever we can with our young kids
- Who we are, are Vegetarians. We scout for and eat only Vegan/Vegetarian food all over the world to tell the world where they can find best Vegan/Vegetarian food.
- Who we are, are always look out for travel deals.
- Who we are, are getting Visas to almost all the countries that we go to :)

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We ll tell stories, more stories and make it easy for families with young kids travel fearlessly.

When I reach $1000, we will start using this money towards
our for future travel related expenses including documentation,  Visas, postage etc
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