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About Ether

Hi. I'm Phantom Watson and I'm a web developer. I like making and contributing to useful websites for communities, and in 2006, I created

Why Ether Was Developed
It started as something that wasn't even going to be public. I wanted a private place where I could record my thoughts, and I didn't care if they were displayed in chronological order. I wanted a platform that made it easier to vent honest thoughts and feelings without them being distorted by the social pressures that come with having an audience and an image to maintain. The paradigms of blogs and social networking platforms had established an unspoken rule that you always have an audience to be self-conscious about while you're expressing yourself. I thought that something different could be developed.

What Ether Is
Ether was then developed and released to the public as an experimental community writing platform which identifies writers by colors instead of names, de-emphasizes chronological presentation of content, collects "Thoughts" with single-word titles, and links each word in each Thought to other content written about that word, allowing easy navigation between the thousands of Thoughts contributed by hundreds of "Thinkers".

For a decade and a half, Ether has never been monetized or accepted donations, and I've paid for all of its expenses out-of-pocket. I'm now accepting support through Patreon to help defray the costs of ongoing hosting and to support me while I continue working to maintain the website and add new features, such as these recent additions:
  • The Random Thought Generator
    Uses bits of existing Thoughts to generate a bizarre stream-of-consciousness for you to marvel at. Also exposes some of its settings and its own process for you to observe and fiddle with.
  • Questions
    A random collection of 100 questions (or bits of text that look a lot like questions) extracted from Thoughts, with links to see the context. Refresh the page for a different set.
  • Color Names
    Ether can now take any of the 16 million possible colors that its Thinkers select when they register and match them with the crowd-sourced color names contributed to the XKCD color name survey, such as "seafoam blue", "merlot", "vomit", and "bruise".

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