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  • Access non-watermarked, high-resolution art. 
  • Access versions of the art without the item's name written on it, without the watercolor splotch, or without the white background.
Includes Discord benefits

Wandering Hero

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  • All Previous Tier Rewards 
  • Access The Ledger (NOT the Ledger+): an online, text-based compendium of every item's description, including links to their art and card posts. No more scrolling through Patreon to find the one item you need!
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Renowned Hero

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  • Access the patron-only #saddlebag-workshop and  #saddlebag-suggestion Discord channels to finesse and suggest items  before they're posted anywhere else online. Be the first to see every new item!
  • Access items' print-ready item cards, ready to be dropped into your adventures at a moment's notice. Give your players something to hold onto and get excited about.
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About The Griffon's Saddlebag

Hail, hero!

Beholder got you down? Brigands and bandits keeping you up at night? Perhaps you need something new and exciting to give you an edge.

I design new items for your D&D campaign every single day, complete with mechanics, illustration, and flavor. They're distributed daily on Reddit and Instagram, with many free items available here, and with the support of the community I make sure that these items are fun, balanced, and ready for your game.

Becoming a Patron

Patrons have access to higher resolution files, non-watermarked and with optional backgrounds, and can influence item creation and balance before they're seen anywhere else online through the community Discord server. Enjoy The Ledger, a text-based compendium of all released items thus far for your easy referral!

You can also participate in early item balancing and direction in the #saddlebag-workshop and #saddlebag-suggestion channels on Discord, as well as see what items and art are coming next! Other perks include ready-made item cards and monthly updates to The Inventory, a monthly illustrated compendium of all Griffon's Saddlebag items released during the month.

Tiers are set so that items are accessible to all levels of income, carefully priced at $1$3$5$7, and $9 price points per month. Your support helps me provide this content every single day.

Available Products   
The first official book and packs of item cards are now available! The Saddlebag has partnered with The Deck of Many to release the book, item cards, and more for you to use in your games. Order yours here!

You can also design order your 3D printed character miniatures from The Eldritch Foundry and equip them with items from the Saddlebag! Create your crazy detailed, Saddlebag-loot-bearing character with the Eldritch Foundry!

Thank you for being here.
I love nothing more than making these items for you, and I am forever grateful that you've enabled me to make this my career. I feel, see, and appreciate every dollar of support: you're the best bosses I could ask for. I hope we grow to become friends, and I truly hope that The Griffon's Saddlebag helps you have more fun at the table every time you play.

See you soon,
$7,500 - reached! per month
Learn and take part in the story of the Couatl Heralds! I'll create additional lore, story, and release an adventure with the help of DMDave to explore the Lost City of Hearth!
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