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Our story:
We are THE H2duO, Stephanie Zavala and Arianne Shipley. We've been friends since 2012, worked in municipal government for 10 years each and in November 2017, we started our journey of entrepreneurship together.

The idea for Rogue Water began on a napkin in Austin, Texas while we brainstormed a video sketch. In 2013, Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show hashtag sketch with Justin Timberlake was trending and we wanted to create our own hashtag sketch but water-related obviously. DUH!

The H2duO organically materialized that night. The two of us were engrossed in writing this sketch--albeit with some beer and occasional dance breaks--and as the night progressed we noticed a pattern. Everywhere we went, a crowd would form around us. As much as we hoped it was for our killer dance skills, in truth, it was the topic of conservation. That night we officially became the “hype women of water”.

After five years of daydreaming, we took a (giant) leap of faith to leave our super safe, benefit-heavy, steady paying municipal government gigs to take Rogue Water full-time.
Since the start of this journey, we’ve grown, evolved, cried, cursed and squealed our way through the entrepreneurial roller coaster (Darren Hardy shout out).

When beginning this journey, we started following a lot of entrepreneurs and we noticed, at least where we were looking, that there weren’t many women or moms out there taking this leap...especially the social entrepreneur leap. We hope our story will inspire women and moms to know that once you punch fear in the face (Jon Acuff shout out) you can follow your dreams AND make a difference in the world. We’re both working our butts off everyday to show our daughters (and sons) what they are capable of with hard work, grit, gumption, and a lot of faith. We lean on each other and we’re better together. We want to spread that message to others.

Rogue Water, our public communication consulting firm, is hustling to help create content and develop proactive, consistent communicators across the nation but the water industry is slow-moving and only just beginning to see value in communication and marketing. We’ve managed to keep our overhead low and learn when we can say yes or no (although not without FOMO) but we’re a start-up and the #struggleisreal.

We’ve since launched a podcast, Water In Real Life, hosted a successful mastermind summit and upped our GIF game on our blogs and in the Twitter-sphere. We’ve had a great start and truly believe we’re on the right path and we know this for sure:

  1. We want the podcast Water In Real Life (WIRL) to go on for a long time. Y’all...we have a tribe of seriously dedicated listeners.. And this thing is FUN to make! The most rewarding part is how many listeners have shared the impact it’s making on their daily lives.
  2. We need to make The H2duO self-sustaining for this to work. We know the “fund Rogue Water through client contracts” is typical, but we’re nothing if not atypical #rogue. We, the H2duO, can’t sit back and wait for RFP’s and dotted lines to get signed. Our mission, which we choose to accept, is to revolutionize the water industry. Why? Because we believe every person should have access to safe, clean drinking water and we want people and water providers to work together to achieve that.

We are working to have 5-7 faucets of business turned on at any given time (shout out to Jon Acuff for this theory!)
  1. Consulting through Rogue Water
  2. Freelance/subcontract work for other agencies
  3. Sponsorships *in the works
  4. Affiliate sales on the podcast *in the works
  5. Online/in-person courses *working on this!
  6. Mastermind members *working on this!
  7. Book sales *future
  8. WIRL store *future

Now, you may see this and think “oh they’re good! They have EIGHT ways to “make that money” but in reality, the first two faucets are on, however, the work/pay is not consistent and not nearly enough to sustain our families.

So we’re adding another faucet: Patreon

Patreon works by allowing the reader (patron) to donate whatever they want per month and the donation is recurring each month after that. Anything, from $2/month on up, is incredibly helpful to the cause.

Where Will Your Money Go?

Our initial goal is $14,000/month. That money plus the Rogue Water work we do will be enough to keep the H2duO and the WIRL podcast going, indefinitely. Here are the H2duO’s costs:

  • Hosting. We need to maintain our current hosting plan that houses the podcast and prevents our website from crashing as our listenership grows. It has the capacity to grow with us once we add an online store and video series.
  • Ongoing web development. We aren’t the experts in web development, although we think we did a bang up job on page. We prefer to rely on the experts and we need moola because “tradesies” only go so far.
  • Education. We are passionate content creators on a mission to educate the entire water industry (local government, associations, water authorities, legislators, private companies, etc) to become proactive, consistent communicators of the value of water. You drink water, they treat water...ya’ll should talk more.
  • Books. Yup, we are writing a book, or two.
  • Online store. #WaterPuns are hilarious and need to be on t-shirts and stickers. After leaving the public sector, we’ve greatly missed the ability to give away swag. “Water you floccing about?” and “Floc me? Floc you!” ←- See!?
  • Mastermind summit. We hosted the most amazing mastermind summit this summer that created collaboration, validation, and training for water educators and communicators. Previously this opportunity had yet to exist. This mastermind allowed everyone from the seasoned pros to the newbies in the field gather, talk, and learn how we have a shared responsibility with our customers to provide the best product and service. This first year was pro-bono (not by choice). To continue this, we need sponsors and financial supporters!
  • Us! We gotta eat! Oh, and feed our children and husbands. Even after we reduced our personal bills, we still gotta pay for the basics: healthcare, rent, water, and electricity… Remember we were raised in the local government world, our salary requirements are meager.
  • One employee. We were blessed with a free intern this summer, who’s back in school (shout out Erin! Check out Sustainably Southern) but as it turns out, not everyone can work for free… We need someone to help with email newsletters, content distribution, content creation and podcast admin support.

If we can get these costs covered, Water In Real Life and the H2duO can be fully supported. We have a tall order to revolutionize the water industry, we get it, but we know it takes a village and you are a crucial tribe member. So THANK YOU for any support you can offer and thanks for being a listener!

-- Stephanie & Arianne, aka The H2duO
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WOWZA, that's a huge number, we know... but reaching this goal allows us, two hardworking mompreneurs, to create financially viable content for: 
  • anyone on the entrepreneurial path
  • anyone who cares to ensure access to safe, clean drinking water and to provide sanitation services, and 
  • any working women, especially mommas
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 25 exclusive posts
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