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is creating a Vietnamese translation news aggregator to combat fake news

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About The Interpreter

The Interpreter is a news aggregator aimed at civic education and empowerment within the Vietnamese community. 

Unfortunately, and those within the Vietnamese community can perhaps relate, our parents and relatives do not have access to reliable news sources due to the burden of language barriers. They are constantly subjected to distorted or outright fake news from questionable sources, to radio hosts and Youtubers whose goal is not to inform, but to be pundits. Therefore, this news aggregator is our solution to this unique and cross-generational problem in our Vietnamese diaspora.

The Interpreter aims to do two things: 1) Bridge the information gap caused by language barrier by translating relevant news, editorial, op-ed, and opinion articles from reputable international news agency, into Vietnamese; and 2) provide young people with Vietnamese-language materials to help them start difficult conversations regarding social justice, police brutality, solidarity, and history of racism in America.

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