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Hello, my name is Lee Mueller and this is my "about me" rough draft. I've been writing for a long time from short stories to long stories, short plays to long plays but mostly I am known for a genre of theatre  known as  'Murder Mystery' plays - that can be found and learned about at www.play-dead.com

As with most writers and playwrights, it's difficult to make a living solely on rights and royalties so we must integrate ourselves into the make-a-living workforce whatever it may be: Do you want fries with that? or Hello, it's a great day at Mega-Mediocre company, how can I direct your call?

Yes, it would be great to focus on writing all of the time, I know it's not practical but I would welcome the possibility.  ( I would even invite it in for a warm meal and cold beverage.) 
I have a full-time day job for my practical purposes and it fills up 6 days out of every week and if my math is correct, that leaves one good day to write. Plays and stories take more than one day to write, most of the time. The good ones. 

I would love nothing more than to be able to convert 2 or even 3 day-job days into writing days and for that,  I would love to offer free scripts, previews of upcoming works, behind the scenes of a playwright, how I create Murder Mystery Plots, writing tips and even name a Character after you in an upcoming play! 
Thank you for considering this possibility and thank you for your time!
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Behind The Scenes - the Write Stuff
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I will share experience on writing and thoughts on my creative process.

  • How do I come up with ideas? 
  • What process do I use to write Pen or Pencil? Standing or Sitting?  Paper of Plastic? 
  •  I will share my tips and tricks that may inspire or offer an alternate perspective/method to the creative approach.   
Rough Draft - Preview A Play
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  • Read any play script of your choice. (Normally, a preview version of a play costs anywhere from 12 to 25.00 )
  •   Read any play for 5.00.   A .pdf version will be emailed directly to you to read. 
  • Simply pick a play from my collection and it's yours to read. 
Character Name
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Have a fictional character in a Murder Mystery Play named after you (or create the name).  Sometimes,  coming up with a name for certain characters in a play is tedious business. Sometimes I might hear a name and think "Oh that's a good one!" but it doesn't happen too often.  Why not help me and let use your name to live on in theatre history. 

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When I reach this goal I will list a thank you to all my patrons in the next published copy (book version) of my play.
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