is creating Discord Bots
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a 1$ small donation to support my developement
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this will upgrade the persistence of one server from 24h to 48h
( applies to accountant persistence )

persistence is how much time passes from when a user leaves the server and the bot forgetting it's roles

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About The_Matty

hey guys i'm Matteo Francesconi, you probably know me as mattymatty#9621 or The_Maty.
I'm an engineering student that in free time coded and published Discord BOTs,
this bots now got famous and my home computer is no more able to handle this ammount of users.
I created this patreon to ask you a small support to pay bills and next developings
See ya on discord :grimacing:

My BOTs:
accountant : keep user roles in memory even on user leave and rejoin

roleGroup : create custom commands for adding or removing listed roles ( completely configurable )

emoji-er : external emoji reposting and or reacting ( useful also for internal animated emojis ) no need of nitro

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