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I will strive to throw monthly parties to raise funds for investigations into ongoing conflicts. Whenever possible we will party in conflict zones. If insufficient tickets are sold, no party will occur. The goal is to make arrangements for parties of 750 or more people, but we will adapt creatively to hold smaller parties or larger parties as need be.The party may not be convenient for you to attend, but your admission is transferable. If you wish, I will gift your admission to someone in the locality of the party.

When there is enough interest, I will direct teams to produce monthly parties in multiple locations.

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If multiple people finance the_party in the same month then I will assemble a crew to produce better quality reports. If we have more than enough for one investigation, then we will dispatch teams to multiple locations. These reports will be the beginnings of a news agency aligned with the_party's mission called The Underscore Observer.

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What is the Underscore Party?

This is a story about some deker people who find each other online and form a worldwide coalition to end poverty by ending war. To accomplish their goal they build businesses together. They produce art and stories, promoting a party culture, a culture of cooperation and generosity. They investigate businesses and charities and politicians to figure out what they can do better. They produce clothing and make movies to show off all the awesome things they are doing.

Along the way people struggle to get past their own egos, and to trust each other. Some people fall in love. Others experience heartbreak, but the_party gives them a reason to carry on. These people, meet to collaborate on the_party. They share research and techniques. And in a few months, just over a year, it balloons into a global counterculture.

Some individuals are so moved, that they put themselves in harms way, to stop wars, and to bring the party, they go to the front-lines. It is a perilous journey, and there are many tense moments. They bring production equipment and they put in place infrastructure to communicate.

As war looms all around, they scrape together amplifiers and speakers, and then they begin to celebrate. Loudly, and carefully, they dance through the nights until the sun rises and each evening they explore their troubled habitation. Playing, and also documenting, they send images and stories to the world about a people who should not be bombed.

By telling their story, they begin a wave of investment into the poorest places and usher in a new era of global economic prosperity.

$0 of $15,000 per month
I will use this money to travel to an ongoing war or conflict and investigate the situation for three weeks.

Points of interest:
  • Yemen
  • Mali
  • Syria
  • Burundi
  • Afghanistan
  • Mexico
  • Somalia
  • El Salvador
  • Honduras
  • Nigeria
  • Pakistan
  • South Sudan
  • Myanmar
  • Ukraine
  • Colombia
  • Venezuela
While I am there I will seek out a translator and attempt to identify economic opportunities by interviewing as many people as possible to ask about the nature of the conflict and about specific measures that would enable them to grow their businesses. 

If possible, I will post daily updates. During the remainder of the month, I will edit the content and post videos and write ups at as well as a number of social media platforms.

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