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  • "Damn, I missed all the news of the last week, I wish there was a way to get it all in one place."
  • "The news is so depressing, I wish it came with a bit of humour to make it easily digestible."
  • "I can never have enough puns."

Scored 3/3?
Perfect - you're the right "target audience" (as the phrase goes) for our little newsletter. Recently crossing a 100 issues, we've delivered a glorious mashup of news and head-desk-worthy puns to our subscribers, week-on-week. We basically spend hours poring through all the news of the week, soaking it all in, and then churning out a weekly newsletter to try and brighten up your Mondays (or Sundays, if you prefer).

Since March 2017, The Third Slip has built up a small but dedicated audience, as a 50% open rate testifies. Some have even gone to the extent of telling us we're the ONLY source of news they read - a dangerous (but flattering!) situation for us.

So, why a Patreon now?
What started as a labour of love for the two authors to largely just keep up to date with the news is becoming a regular part of some people's media diets - which is amazing to hear, and we'd love to get it out to more people and spend more time on it. As of now, your support will mostly be just an affirmation of the work we do and help get us a couple of beers a week. But hey, depending on the support, we might be able to subscribe to a few more good news outlets (they're worth it) and who knows what else? We tried to do video once and abandoned it as it was too much time and investment, but at the same time, many have asked us to take TTS to a video / audio format. A little monetary insurance might help prod us in that direction :-)

So if you like what we do, or if you're new to us but like the idea of getting your weekly news in a nice, condensed format with some humour, support us!

You can check out our archives (and subscribe to us) here.

The Third Slip: Flinging the chappal of truth and satire, since March 2017.

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