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is creating The Adventures of Heavy: The Interactive Adventure
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By giving 1 dollar a video you get nothing extra! Except for the satisfaction that I'm able to live a slightly more financially stable life.
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By giving 2 dollars a video you'll get your name in the credits of each video and the internet will know your name! Well. The people who watch The Adventures of Heavy, anyway.




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About Systematic of the crappy webchannel Welcome to Systonia

As much as I'd like to make The Adventures of Heavy non stop for your viewing pleasure, unfortunately I've got a family with 2 kids and they require this thing called feeding or something like that. By supporting me through Patreon you'll be helping me afford cages for the little buggers to be put in and stop bothering me while I make entertainment for you! Everyone wins!

Do you miss out on not supporting the patreon! Not at all! All content shown on patreon will of course be on my youtube channel, free of charge. And all content on patreon will be The Adventures of Heavy anyway.

Do you get anything for supporting the patreon? You get to be in the credits of the video I guess. What more could you ask for?!
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This is the amount I'd need to be able to make this series 5 days a week +.  I'll also be able to make more crap on my channel I guess...
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