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Thanks so much for being here and for even thinking of supporting me and what I do.

On this tier, you'll be a part of the community and get access to posts, some of the old Angels tracks and lots of other stuff that I haven't even thought of yet! (I'm hoping to get live broadcasts sorted at some point!) And your contribution to my music and career is MASSIVELY appreciated.

So you'll get:

• Access to Patreon posts

• Regular updates from me including behind the scenes photos, videos and bloggy musings and more.

•Stuff I haven't even though of yet...

•A whole lotta love and thanks!


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This is a significant amount to send to an artist. I'm so grateful that you're here and up for it. I know you can download a tracks off iTunes for 79p, but Patreon is about more than that of course.

On this tier, you'll get a brand new song a month from me. It will have been written and recorded specifically for you, my pretties. 

This will be the first (and possibly final) place it appears so you're not only getting the song, but being part of the process as well. This is where we chat about the song, share ideas, have a dialogue. So exciting!

So you'll get:

• A brand new, never heard before, monthly song download!


• Access to Patreon posts.

• Regular updates from me including behind the scenes photos, videos and bloggy musings and more.

•Stuff I haven't even though of yet...

•A whole lotta love and thanks!


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Blimey! Things are getting serious. 

Supporting an artist at this level is HUGE. If you're here, well, all hail to you and my humble thanks.

I'll be singing your praises in the artwork to every album I make during your membership, plus you'll get a juicy discount off my Bandcamp store. 

You'll, of course, get the new song a month as well as any other stuff I can think of to make you happy Angels.

So, You'll get:

• A brand new, never heard before, monthly song download!

• Your name in the 'thanks' page of every album released during your membership.

• 10% discount code off my Bandcamp store.


• Access to Patreon posts

• Regular updates from me including behind the scenes photos, videos and bloggy musings and more.

•Stuff I haven't even though of yet...

•A whole lotta love and thanks!



About Thea Gilmore

I’m Thea Gilmore.
I'm a singer and a songwriter.
If you've ever heard my stuff and liked it, that makes me happy.

I’ve been independently navigating my way through this business we call music since I was 16.
In that time, I’ve made 14 albums, 2 children, 6 EPs, countless singles and I've toured the UK and US more times than my mileometer can register.
I've always had an independent spirit - I only ever wanted to work with record labels who got that, and allowed me to put out the music I chose when I chose.
That's not easily achieved BUT My 3 most recent albums have all hit the top 40 (yay!) and through it all, I’ve kept that independent spirit.

But in the words of the most famous peddler of this line of work - The Times They Are A’Changin.

Only a few weeks ago, the online daily "Consequence Of Sound” posted an article telling how the music industry grossed a revenue of $43 billion in 2017 - and that just 12% of this went to musicians. The rest headed in the direction of streaming platforms, labels and other industry bodies.

And what did I earn from the SALES of my 3 top 40 albums?

These are genuinely tough times for creators. All the arts are being marginalised from the top down, to the point where most can no longer make a living from their craft.

Well, recording an album is expensive. Good artwork is expensive. Pressing CDs and Vinyl is expensive. Employing people to tell the world about your album is expensive. Getting your album to radio and press is expensive.
And the less the arts are valued, the fewer column inches there are for music, the fewer radio opportunities there are which makes it even more expensive to pitch for the little there is going.
And everyone gets paid before the person who actually made the music. Odd, but true.

So despite chart success, I often still struggle to put food on the table.

Yes Bob, The Times They Really Are A-Changin’

Now I want to keep making music. I WILL keep making music.

And I’m not one to sit and complain. Things change, time marches on, I like to adapt. I won’t whinge about streaming platforms or the industry, there's incredible work done by incredible people in all areas of music and the business..

Way back in 2009, seeing the way things were headed, I built my own subscription service. Angels In The Abattoir.
It was a wild idea back then! People subscribed (for real money, that actually helped to feed my kid!) and I sent them a song a month.. brand new, unavailable anywhere else at that time.
For the first time I connected directly with people who liked and bought my music...they were the first to hear about gigs or plans I was making, we talked in chat rooms (remember them?!), hey we even had a song lottery and I did a fully produced version of the song the winner requested me to cover.
Together My Angels and I built more than a ‘business model’, we built a community and it was a beautiful thing.
It harked back to the old ideas of patrons of the arts (without Sforza, there’d have been a lot less Da Vinci in the world.. Imagine that!)…

BUT, I was a musician working so hard to keep all aspects of my business running, there was no Patreon, no Bandcamp, no other supportive sites. I was holding it together with Paypal and crossed fingers. I had to put Angels on hold in 2011 in the hope that one day I could bring it back when the technology caught up with the idea!


It is with immense joy that I am resurrecting the Angels.

I'll be releasing at least one new, exclusive track every month. This won’t be available anywhere else at time of release and may never be available anywhere other than to my subscribers.

There will be tier options for merchandise discounts, to have your name included in album artwork and even be named as an executive producer.

There will also be access to unreleased material that you've never heard before, including many of the old Angels In The Abattoir tracks.

I will be on the subscriber site all the time, posting photos, musings, random crap that pops into my head. There'll be stuff that I haven't even thought of yet.
Together, I hope we can build a community again

Subscription starts from just $1 a month.
That’s less than a Starbucks coffee. Less than a McDonalds burger and, for the health fiends among you, less than an avocado.

You'll be helping me to continue to make music, not just by paying your hard earned money direct to me, but by sharing your thoughts, your opinions and your passion. By being part of a team.

To quote my letter from 2009:
"This little business of mine will strive to be organic and centred around you. A kind of musical veg-box scheme, earthy, real and direct. There will be no middle-man and no industry firewall. We’re in it together.
The idea that we, listener and musician can be a cottage co-operative is exciting. But more than that, It threatens the status quo. And those of you who know me will know that is one of my favourite pastimes. "

Can we do this together?

Will you be an Angel?

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