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The objective of this project is to facilitate sharing of conscious information, understanding that we are The All That Is - Consciousness Itself, with the intention of inspiring the global community to make the changes and ultimately be the changes that we already are.. through personal sharing of my awakening process, capturing incredible metaphysical conversations with those ready to share their light, this project aims to inspire all of us to collaborate with each other, utilizing new platforms and technologies, actualizing New Earth solutions through co-creation and synchronization.
As we see the old paradigm dissolve, let us anchor in the wisdom of the Heart, spreading love and light like a virus through the matrix til we unify first in groups and communities as the wayshowers to the awakening World.
My background has a particular flavor having spent 13 years working in a Barbershop connecting to the model of the western male..At the 12 year mark (2014) i woke up from my deep sleep and rapidly began my quest for the Truth/Enlightenment. Within 2 years having quit my job, flat, family and friends to travel to Mexico on a one way ticket, i met Tara, fell in love, was gifted my first child spent 6 months training in meditation and yoga to open a retreat center.. with a whole bunch of magic and mystery in between and since.. from this perspective i feel i can talk and relate to Western life and i hope to inspire others to make ''The Jump''. 
The Jump is the point where one makes the conscious choice to change, more often now then not, through a process of spiritualization. A recognition that there is a greater force at play in this soup of experience we call 3D Planet Earth. As the eyes of the World begin to open to the truth, it is my intention to serve and support with love this global awakening.
For this i am requiring funds to first invest in a new laptop + software, camera and mics enabling me to create a higher quality of content and compatibility to these New Earth platforms. As of this moment, i feel like child again learning new skills. My experience with technology has been limited so i wish through this project to empower myself as a independent lightworker, recognizing my blockages/fears of my past and sharing from this place of vulnerability and expansion. 
I see with this channel the possibility to travel to new locations, to share the wisdom of the people i meet, collaborate making retreats and seminars with centers and facilitators. Essentially creating a moving New Earth platform. One where anyone can join in the co-creation. 
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I will release a series of podcasts specifically designed to highlight the work of crowd funding start-ups and New Earth platform/solution networks.
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