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I’ve had many interests and many experiences upon which I’ve based my running philosophy of life, and I love to discuss these things with friends and family. Many of them have said, over the years, that I should write a book. I’ve thought about it many times, but there was always something that felt wrong about it, and so I never did. I even started an audio podcast, aimed at raising the consciousness of people who are in the search for truth, hoping this would feel like a better avenue to me. Although I love creating content for my podcast, and enjoy thinking about the benefit that I feel it provides for my listeners, it just doesn’t feel complete to me. I feel like it’s missing something. For one, I’m talking to an audience that may be at a certain level of understanding, where my desire is to actually reach everyone, wherever they may be in their journey.

So eventually I was able to put my finger on what exactly my hangup is, and It’s that I feel the need to express myself in a way that flows across more than one medium, and across more than one subject. As far as expression goes, I feel that spoken word is the best way to express complex ideas that need time to work out through analogy and examples. I’ve found that inflections in voice, emotion, even subtle silences between words, are what is needed sometimes, for someone to fully appreciate and resonate with the concept being dealt with. A book, even an audio book really can’t capture this. Other ideas and concepts, however, are best absorbed by the mind while in the form of brief, impactful, visual messages.

As far as subject matter goes, I enjoy finding life lessons in the most unusual of places and find that people really connect to concepts better when given a fresh outlook that is relatable in some way. I’ve always been obsessed with symbolism and iconology and can’t help but find personal meaning in just about every experience I have, and so I seem to have been given the ability to help people to see themselves and their own experiences from angles or perspectives they’ve never allowed themselves to explore.

So, this, is my open book to the world. This is a running collection of everything that I have learned up to this point, and everything that I am currently working on in my personal life. I feel a strong need to share them in this way, because, although we all share similar experiences in life, most of us are missing people who can help us realize the invaluable treasure hidden within them all, that being the knowledge of self. This is my invitation for people to grow along side of me, using my unshackled perspective to inspire them to adopt the same methods of self discovery.

I am brutally honest, and I do use foul language on occasion. So if you’re sensitive to honesty, colorful language, or fear self critiquing, you may not want to venture into my thought stream. I would, however, ask you to reconsider, because my intent here is to get you to experience life, learn from it, and no longer fear it. My aim here is to instill a certain fearless in you, that can only be achieved by moving you out of your comfort zone, because the realization made after moving out of one’s own comfort zone, is that it was never really comfortable at all, you just thought it was. It was likely the lesser of some number of lesser evils that you settled down into rather than risk any other hardships or difficulties.
You’ll discover that, all along, it was a self made prison, where the bricks and bars represent many years of programming, closed mindedness, delusion, and fear of change. Ideas should never be feared. Words are just that… words.

So, if you think you’re ready to embark on a new journey of self discovery, I’d be so excited to have you here with me. You’ll need a pen and paper, a small toolkit and a sledge hammer, because sometimes you’ll feel inclined to just take notes, other times you’ll be moved to make adjustments here and there, while other times you’ll see the necessity to knock down an entire wall or two.

This work will still fall under the umbrella of The Anahata Singularity Podcast, because my vision is, and will always be, that my work facilitate the unity of all beings in this realm. We’ll refer to this particular branch of the original Podcast as TAS Life Book. This will be where everyone, no matter their level of Spiritual Awakening, can continue to inspect the nuances of life and self discovery, where hopefully all will eventually reach the same degree of knowledge. Most people are unaware that unity in the outside world, can only be achieved by first consolidating every conflict within self.

There’s a very old saying “Know thyself and you will know all of the mysteries of the gods and of the universe.” So come with me, so we can find that knowledge together.
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About The Anahata Singularity

The Path to Unity is Through the Heart!

The aim of The Anahata Singularity Podcast is to explore the nature of reality from an esoteric perspective and unite soulful humans, with the goal of creating a harmonious world. This content is intended for those who are at a very specific level of awareness. This content will always be free.

TAS Life Book is an extension of The Anahata Singularity. The aim of TAS Life Book is to send Patreons on a Journey with someone who analyses every aspect of Life through a Unique and sometimes Abstract Lens, with the aim of Inspiring others to approach and Study Life similarly, with the end goal being a Completeness and Peace from Within, that will then Radiate out into the World.

The goal of both levels of The Anahata Singularity is to Change the World for the Better, that everyone will discover the true meaning behind...


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