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About The Anime Man

Hi there.
I'm Joey.
Or as I'm better known on the Internet; The Anime Man.

I'm just your typical Japanese-Australian dude who loves anime a little too much.
I make a bunch of anime and Japan related videos; everything from analytical reviews, rants, opinion pieces, Japanese language lessons, music, podcast talk-shows and much more.
I started making YouTube videos back in 2013 and was graced by the gods of the Internet to be able to do so as a full-time job... until now.

With YouTube demonetizing most of my content, my revenue was slashed by an incredible amount; to the point where my career fell into danger. While I do have other sources of income, they are all just as unstable as the last, and it's just not enough at this point to continue. I love what I do here and there is just so much I'm still yet to accomplish, and to have that taken away from a situation I have no control over feels too sad to honestly let go.

This is where Patreon comes in. Hopefully you've seen at least some of the stuff I do to convince you to back me up. I always aim to get the most high quality content out for my viewers, and with your support I'll be able to go above and beyond that. This Patreon is NOT an obligation if you are a regular viewer of mine; if you don't have any money to spare then it is completely fine. But if you do have any spare change in your pocket, I have set up some rewards which I know at least some of you might enjoy and get the most out of. And this list will only increase with the more funding we get here.

Regardless of how much money you decide to pay, every bit of support is incredibly appreciated and I promise to NOT let your generosity go to waste.
100% complete
More Things Are Coming.
I'll finally be able to pay my animator (and any other guest animators), as well as music collaborators the proper pay they deserve for their hard work. That means more Anime Man Animated shorts, other animation-based skits, more music covers and other bigger projects.
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