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That's you. For reals. You're crazy cool for taking this leap and supporting my work.

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  • ALL the previous things: Inbox Haiku,  free downloads, patron-only news feed, early access to tickets when possible, so many good vibes... 




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Hey Hey! You stopped by.  
Thanks for checking out my Patreon page. 

About me:
I’m Anne Stott
I’m an indie rock singer/songwriter
I’m an actor
I’m a political rabble rouser
I’m a thought thinker and dream dreamer
I’m a life liver and a seeker of more
And a flawed worshipper at the altar of love
Welcome to my world where I make music and videos and spoken word and livestreams and who knows what else.
And Patreon is the place where I release all this work.

About Patreon:
Patreon is a platform where fans support artists per thing they make.
So instead of giving as much money as you can to one big project, you give a smaller manageable amount of money each time I release something through Patreon.
I am currently releasing a video or livestream once or twice a month.
This allows me to make the things I really want to make when I want to make them. 
AKA Creative Freedom!
Actually I think it’s a creative revolution.
But you don’t have to be a revolutionary to support my work.
If you like my music or my videos or livestreams, just hit the “Become a patron” button at the top of the page and you’ll be part of Anne’s Patreon Posse.
Let's ride. 

Here's how it works: 
You make a Patreon account (if you don't have one already)
You pledge to support my creative endeavors
at any level you want 
per thing I make (each video, single, art installation).
Cool right?
In return, you will get 
access to my posts past and future,
cool rewards
and the first look at anything I make.

Patreon releases on the horizon:
HALF MIDNIGHT FULL MOON my current pandemic inspired livestream at 11:30pm every full moon.I send this a youtube replay for anyone who can't catch it live.
Fall 2020 is the 10 year anniversary celebration of my album Pennsylvania. There will be live videos and livestreams and all kinds of other good stuff.
VIDEOS for all the songs on my albums.
SCORPIO BLONDE, a one woman show written around my own songs and covers. 
GREATNESS WAS A WOMAN a new multi media show built off of the art installation you helped fund a few years ago. 

Some projects the Patreon Posse has funded:
Jump Go. The song and video:

Here is the song and video NOT 4 LONG MF, released through Patreon. 

Here are my two Pre-Patreon videos:

So Patreon made you a fun video:
Important things for you to know:
You can cap your posts so you control how much money will be charged per month.
You can back out at anytime.
Whatever YOU want.

OK, the mushy part (but definitely the most important part)
For all the talk about the music industry dying, the relationships artists and patrons are building on this site prove that art and music lovers want quality content and authentic connection with artists. And they're willing to support the artists that deliver. And that warms my heart. Truly.
THANK YOU for stopping by.  
Let's music art love peace revolution together. 
14 of 100 patrons
100 patrons would rock my world.
When I hit 100 patrons, I'll make a video of me singing one of my unpublished songs and post on the patreon feed. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 57 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 57 exclusive posts

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