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About The Anthropologists

The Anthropologists is dedicated to the collaborative creation of investigative theatre that inspires action. Celebrating our 11th year, our work has been described as “eerie and weird in the best way” (Culturebot) and “incisive, even necessary work for the present moment.” (Culture Catch).

What we do:
  • use historical & scientific research paired with cultural artifacts to create dynamic theatre 
  • build plays from the ground up using collaborative techniques
  • offer low-cost training opportunities to artists
  • pair performance with civic engagement and direct action
  • foster dialogue across all boundaries

"a promising young company"

Favorite stories we've brought to the stage:

“They have not only done the necessary research to drive their thought-provoking points home, but they do so in a way that I haven't seen before."
Theater Is Easy

But... how is this different from any other theatre company?
Unlike most theatre, the script comes... LAST. (Much to the actors chagrin!). In an Anthropologists' show, our work is created through a deep dive into research. It's a laboratory environment where ideas are tested and analyzed and diverse elements are combined (physical theatre + source material + design concepts). The rehearsal studio is a space for artists of all disciplines - from designer to performer - to create content that is ultimately crafted into a finished play. Together, we write performance.

Each play can typically take 8-24 months to develop, from research and brainstorming to creative development and production. Time and space are two of the rarest resources in NYC but we are committed to bucking the trend because we believe this is the way to great art.

"Gritty and gorgeous...inspiring, eye opening."
Media Harvest

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Your monthly support allows us to stay flexible and adventurousWe pride ourselves in taking risks and jumping at opportunities, like bringing shows to festivals.  

But we're also following good business practices (why, hello Quickbooks subscription and General Liability Insurance!). 

A monthly stream of income will also help us to achieve our goal of increasing artist stipends and paying for administrative support. We are committed to ending the practice of free theatrical labor!

"The Anthropologists charge forward with humor, intensity,
and the madness of the moment."
The Theatre Times

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