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About The Anti-Racist Educator

The Anti-Racist Educator is a collective of educational stakeholders (including students, teachers, parents, academics and activists) working toward building an education system that is:

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Not only will your support help us achieve our goals and objectives...
... your support will ensure that anti-racist education remains free, critical and accessible for all.

What are our goals?

1. Disrupt racism and develop critical awareness:
2. Strengthen agency and empower (by harnessing difference as a productive resource):
  • To value, share and construct different forms of knowledge and understandings of power, identity, and privilege by providing safe spaces for people of colour
  • Providing safe spaces for people of colour involved in education to reach their full potential.

How do we achieve our goals?

A. Write blog posts
B. Share teaching and learning resources
C. Podcasting
D. Designing and delivering workshops (in schools, universities, trade unions and other establishments)
E. Developing a glossary of key anti-racist terminology
F. Building links with strategic partners in Scotland and beyond
G. Making knowledge accessible, sharing events and the work of others via our platform and social media

The Anti-Racist Educator is run by educators of colour who work on a voluntary basis. We are a member-led, autonomous collective with values of collaboration, compassion and criticality. Any financial contribution, no matter how small, will help us increase our capacity to create more content, work with and support communities of colour and promote anti-racist education for all. 

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