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About The Antisocial Family

We are a family of 7. 2 adults and 5 children. We are raising money to fund our campaign on Instagram. We are raising awareness about how children and adults too spend far too much time on the internet. We are already spending all of our time and savings on this project and would like to ask people to donate some spare change to the cause. We believe children and adults should spend less time on the internet as a whole, social media, gaming, YouTube, Instagram, everything.

People have become far to obsessed with whats going on 1000 miles away instead of whats going on right under their nose. Children deserve better. We make posts everyday on Instagram and plan to do one photo every 2 days. We currently have 700 Followers and are finding new followers daily. We will report here and on Instagram where the donations are spent.

#theantisocialfamily #devicesdownheasup

Please donate something, anything today. Thank you

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