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I don't have any kind of "reward" I can properly provide for my content.  I don't make anything like figures or physical items to help with playing the game, nor do I ever want to put out some sort of exclusive content that you have to pay money to get.  Because we aren't all in the same financial situation, and I think telling someone they don't get to use a cool class I design, or watch a certain video of me rambling, is just wrong.

So you get one tier here on my Patreon, which is nothing more than a chance to throw me as much money as you are comfortable with once every month.  That will help me with paying for things like art assets for my content, better equipment for videos, and maybe if I work hard even giving me the ability to make doing this my full-time job.  

If you do decide to pledge, I can only give you my sincerest thank you, and hope that you find my content to be worth it.  And if you don't want to pledge, that's completely fine, too.  You'll still have access to everything I make.




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Hello!  My name is Jeff and I am the creator of The Arcane Athenæum, where I create  homebrew content, like classes, subclasses, and rulesets for (currently) 5e Dungeons and Dragons.  I have a website/blog,, and you can find my content available on the Dungeon Masters Guild.  

In addition to homebrew content, I am also creating and releasing videos on YouTube where I will be discussing my works as they are released as well as miscellaneous other topics regarding running and playing Dungeons and Dragons.  You'll get discussions on rules, stories from games I've run or played in, and maybe some suggestions for your own games.

If you have found yourself here at my Patreon it's hopefully because you like what you've seen so far, and you are considering helping me make more.  That's what this is for; to give anyone who wants to help me have more time to make content and to make that content better.  My ultimately lofty and probably impossible goal (that I none-the-less am reaching for anyway) is to be able to move on to bigger and better things in my life through my work on The Arcane Athenæum, and maybe even support myself through it.  If you find that to be a worthy cause, and are able to throw a few bucks my way every month as a result, you will have my never ending gratitude.  But no content I create will ever be stuck behind a paywall; everything I make, whether you find it here on Patreon, uploaded to YouTube, available for download at DMsGuild, or if you've decided to check out my blog/website, will always be available for free.
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If I can reach even just $100 a month, that helps tell me that this is worth it; I can push on, and even that amount will help me be secure in working towards making this a part of my career.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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