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I'm Natalee Arteaga, and I'm a professional psychic. I do my part elevating humanity teaching others to develop their psychic ability, tarot channeling, and using astrology as a powerful reflective and predictive tool to navigate life. I work with hundreds of Querents in private readings, post free spiritual board meetings daily, and host new/full moon/eclipse livestreams.

I'm thrilled to announce The Arteagan on Patreon — a private members community. Inviting those guided by their curiosity to psychism, magic, astrology, and the mysticism of the tarot to gather in this haven-extension from the corner of the internet that is Together, I guide you through developing your own psychic ability, serving as a resource for your paranormal experiences, sharing astrological knowledge in birth chart analysis, planetary transits, as well as energy work for healing and empowered spirituality via the tarot. 

The Arteagan is a judgement-free space to explore your own experience with the supernatural with people who share your values of Truth, Love, and Integrity

When you join The Arteagan, you'll be connecting with hundreds of cosmic, high-vibrational individuals from all over the world. I'm building this community on Patreon so that it's easier and faster for us to stay intimately connected as I help you grow and evolve in your process of spiritual maturation. To support this extremely individual process of spiritual evolution, I've designed the tiers of membership to organically follow your own guided natural progression into deeper esoteric knowledge, psychic skills, and practice.

Offerings include:

  • 12-Sign Love ~ Money ~ Career Readings
  • Tarot Spreads from the New/Full Moon & Eclipse Livestreams
  • Tarot, Practical Magic, and Astrology Classes & Workshops
  • 24/7 chat room
  • Access to private Instagram group
  • Virtual coven board meetings
  • Bonus Psychic Vlog episodes
  • 1:1 private birth chart readings via IG Direct
  • Personal Readings from Yours Truly every month
  • First to receive my Oracle Deck of Personal Channelings
  • And more!

Thank you so much for supporting this work. It's an honor to be of service. 

🌟 Natalee
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts

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