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Yo! Thanks for stopping by!

I guess this is the part where i tell you a little about myself. Im a Florida native thats been an artist for as long as i could remember. I spent my childhood outside playing or gawking at Saturday morning cartoons. I decided to pursue a career in comics after college and i never looked back. My love of art stems from the feeling that people get when they view it. I love making people happy with using my imagination,  and its the driving force behind my talent. Come help me make more amazing art, and we can have a blast on this adventure.

Thanks for the love and Patronage! :)

My goal is to make content that people love. Its to express myself creatively and fluently while entrancing my audience in the world that ive created. That wouldn't be possible without the aid of my backers  financially and creatively. There are ways that my audience can help influence the course of my work so that we can one day take it to a big animation studio and show that there is a demand for it. 

Dont get me wrong, you dont have to pledge support for me here on Patreon (although that would be amazing), and i dont want to twist your arm. The process of making comics and digital art is time consuming,expensive, and very hard to 
monetize. Translation: To continue to produce art consistently i would need assistance. All Donations go into conventions, Travel, and artwork. Those who donate are guaranteed exclusive content 
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Sandiego Comic Con visit! I recently got my badge to shuffle off into artist heaven, but i need your help to get there. Being an artist is hard work, and travel expenses are worse! Anyone that helps me reach this goal will receive a thank you print. once again thanks for the love and appreciation. YOU MAKE MY ART POSSIBLE!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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