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"The Art of Hong Kongese by a Dummy" is designed for English speakers to learn Hong Kong Cantonese with podcasts, written materials and videos. Cantonese is certainly a monster to master. This channel is framed around learning Cantonese as a CSL with an English framework.

I am excited you found my Patreon. All work I have done are not-for-profit and aimed at simply benefiting specifically English speaking people who are interested in finding more about Hong Kong Cantonese and Culture. Any support I can get is greatly appreciated.

I don't claim expertise in Cantonese, although I have spoken Hong Kongese my entire life. Being a native speaker doesn't make me good at Cantonese, but teaching it certainly helped me with my own understanding. You might have experienced this: learning Chinese doesn't help you much in conversing in Cantonese, most Cantonese speakers still have a hard time understanding you.

I hope this channel can bring together people that have Cantonese heritage, whether they speak Cantonese or not. People who are attempting to learn Cantonese regardless of their background will be able to find meanings in these small but trivial lessons. Yet, my big dream is to be able to draw some patterns, help unify Cantonese a bit, and preserve and witness the evolution of Canto!

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