Jennifer Adams

is creating Acrylic Paintings, Fluid Art and Flow Art




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About Jennifer Adams

Hello, I am Jen! I discovered fluid art recently. I found that I love the chaos in fluid art. I love the fact that you don’t know what your paint will/can do. Every painting is an adventure and I find that fantastic! Painting gets in your blood, it becomes an obsession, a passion, a crusade to harness the limitless potential of paint!

I became sick not that long ago and I needed to start something that helped me deal with everything I am going through! This illness has taken so much from me,  including my job!  However, I continue to fight everyday! Creating is helping me get through this time in my life, it helps me forget for a time. 

I never thought in a million years that everything in my past and present would lead me here! I never thought I would be an artist. I am coming to realize that maybe everything has lead me to this time in my life,  when I would discover what I am meant to do! 

I hope you will follow and support me in this journey!