Thea van Diepen is creating stories and poetry

Crossing Through a Thin Place

$1 /mo
You get access to my patrons-only feed and your name on a special thank you page of my next book (if you choose).

The Forest on the Other Side

$2 /mo
You get access to my process journal, a chronicle of the challenges I face in creating my projects, and the tools that prove effective in overcoming them.

 PLUS all the above.

Touch of the Unicorn

$5 /mo
You get access to my ebooks and a digital copy of my game.

PLUS all the above.

Magic in Your Hands

$10 /mo
You get a signed paperback of your choice every year, sent anywhere in the world (ships in December), and early access to book excerpts as I'm writing them.

PLUS all the above.

This Paper Heart

$15 /mo
You get a custom birthday poem on your birthday month, delivered in pdf form :)

(Note: you'll have to be on this tier at least three months in a row before you'll be able to get this rewar...

The Key to All Mysteries

$20 /mo
You get exclusive bonus material companion ebooks, containing things like deleted scenes, bloopers, alternate endings or beginnings, and sneak peeks to related novels still in development.