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2021 has kicked off with a bang. There can hardly be any doubt that this year will not be any easier for humanity than the previous one. Most certainly it will be an even tougher one for those on the left. The ongoing crisis of capitalism accompanied by the deadly pandemic and drastic shifts in world politics pose so many new challenges!

It is exactly now that we must be more active, in the most thoughtful and serious manner possible. The domination of hard right-wing tendencies amidst this brutal chaos has already caused substantial civilizational downgrade all around the world: rampant hate fests, scapegoating and bombastic symbolism constitute a dangerous departure from reason and pave the way for all kinds of lunatic demagogues. The only force that could effectively counteract in such circumstances is the global left. We are part of it!

We're a community of leftist journalists, researchers and activists from around Eastern Europe. In 2016 we funded the Bulgaria-based BARICADA Publishing House with the aim of helping to build Eastern Europe's left forces with our analyzes, comments and articles. We established professional leftist media platforms in Bulgarian, Romanian and English; we hired (with proper health and social insurance) reporters, editors and translators and have been doing professional media work for the last five years. Our outlets are a tremendous success! We've produced and circulated thousands of excellent materials, we organized campaigns and entered into multiple partnerships. We've developed, expanded and built authority, not only around the region of Eastern Europe but also in the West; via our English language website we have been challenging inaccurate and sometimes downright false narratives former Eastern Bloc's political, social and historical issues. We've also organized discussions and other events with prominent Western leftist politicians, academics and journalists, and we will continue to do so! And to continue our hard work, we need your help!

See you on the barricades!

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