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About Kyle E Loring

Who is the Bearded Jeeper? 
    My name is Kyle Loring but on youtube I am known as The Bearded Jeeper. I have a passion for film and Off-Roading. I would one day like to turn my dream from a hobby to a career. From Epic trail videos, install videos, Reviews and Much more! I really hope my journey can help motivate others. I really believe if you want something in life you have to pursue it with everything that you have. I spend tons of hours shooting and editing my videos to make them more than just your average youtube videos.

Becoming a Patreon pledge means you pick a "per creation" amount to donate to this journey and ALSO a "monthly max" amount which is the important one so definitely set that up so you don't send me anymore than you want to! (I can manually refund though just in case you forget). I truly appreciate all of the support I get from each and everyone of you. No matter what you can give every little bit helps me pursue my passion. From Camera Gear to Computer supplies, I will update you with everything that you help me purchase so you know I am putting the money into making better content for you. 
    I will do my best to grow our community and will hopefully be able to offer you more in the future. THANK YOU!!! 
-Kyle Loring
AKA The Bearded Jeeper

Examples of some of my work:

$15 of $50 per Video
Reaching this goal would help me buy a steadycam so I can have more stable footage
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