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About The Bernstorfs

Hi! We are Chris and Amanda Bernstorf.  Chris is an international touring spoken word poet, which is a fancy way to say that he says poems to people all over the world (the US, Canada, and Europe so far--more to come prayerfully!) and has slept on numerous couches and floors.  Chris has been performing for 9 years and touring for 7 of those years.  Chris and Amanda got married in 2018, and now they tour together (Amanda is working on solo material of her own--stay tuned!).

We believe very firmly in free art.
Inspired by multiple sources, specifically an exchange in the movie Il Postino, record label Come&Live!, and metal band the Chariot, we believe art belongs to everyone and, consequently, should be freely accessible to everyone at all times, regardless of their ability to pay.  Art is a weird thing that serves no real biological purpose.  Art will never put a roof over someone's head, cure a disease, or fill someone's stomach.  Art is a purely spiritual entity.  Art is for the soul.  We believe that spiritual things, those that help our hearts and point us towards what matters in life, are the most important things.  Consequently, we want to make sure everyone can access our art for free at any point.  We give all of my albums away for free via our Bandcamp and my books away for free via our website--no email-giving, zip-code-providing, telling-5-friends required.  Everything we create is available as a free gift.  We believe in Jesus and hope that the free, no-strings-attached gifting of our art will be an example of the free gift of eternal life that Jesus offers.  We also hope that Christ's love will be displayed in our gifting of art, no matter what the recipient believes or comes to believe.  We simply want to give and love as we have been given and loved by God through Christ.

We are not entitled to your money. (Or anything else).
We are not entitled to your attention, time, love, money, or anything else.  We believe being able to make art is a gift from God.  Being one of the sentient vibrating sacks of atoms that sees the world and feels compelled to create art is a miracle, and we are so grateful for it.  We believe making art is a privilege.  You do not have to give us anything ever.  This Patreon is not a veiled threat to cease making art if we don't receive funding or to make art based on how much money we get.  We both work two part-time jobs a piece when we are home from tour and hustle to save and work as much as we can.  We are not perfect, but we try.  We intend to keep making art as best as we can, as much as we are allowed, no matter what our financial situation looks like.

This Patreon is an invitation to help.
Plain and simple, we need a hand.  Writing, practicing, recording, video-making, booking, graphic designing, researching show leads and merch and ways to expand what we do and do it better, all require time and energy and effort and are all things that we don't get paid for upfront and lose time working at our normal jobs to do.  We are also two people now--double the expenses in many areas of life--and have to pay for a place to live consistently (something I didn't always have to do).  It's hard, and we could use a hand so that we can hopefully continue creating and touring at our current pace (and hopefully more).  Monthly support via Patreon will help us pay bills and invest in our art more and allow us in turn to continue touring and producing as much as we can.  We believe that presence--us out on tour and at shows and sharing life with others--is just as important as the art itself is.  The more help we can have, the more we can make art and tour and share both poems and life with as many people as possible.  You don't have to help.  We plan to do this as best as we can no matter what kind of support we have.  However, if you feel led, we very gratefully welcome you into giving us a hand and joining us in this crazy life of sharing art and life with anyone who would have us.

With Love,


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