Christy Matthews and Michelle Martinez are creating The Big Wedding Planning Podcast

The Crush

$1 /mo
This is where is all begins. Your reward is endless love and virtual appreciation from us. You're giving just enough for us to move towards first base! 

Make-Out Session

$5 /mo
Gain access to a monthly newsletter from Christy and Michelle, plus special bonus episodes! We're pretty into each other. 

Going Steady

$20 /mo
You get the Make-Out rewards AND we'll welcome you with a one time Skype conversation! 20 minutes for us to focus on your wedding. It'll be collaborative and inspiring and educational and awesome -...

Put a Ring On It

$50 /mo
It's happening! The Big Moment! WE'RE ENGAGED! Here, you'll get all of the above, plus some TBWPP schwag. Like a diamond ring but more like a tote bag! And we will give you a HUGE shout out on the ...