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I am the blissful earthworm.

As earthworms play an important role in the health of our ecosystem and the creation of healthy soil from which our physical nourishment can grow from; I play a role within the ecosystem of society, nourishing souls through acts of loving kindness.

It brings me great joy to spread loving kindness out into the world through my Kindness Bracelet Project, where I gift as intentional acts of kindness specially made bracelet packs.

These packs include a handmade Kindness Bracelet and a wallet card with my "prayers of loving kindness."
This project is my healing meditation as a brain injury survivor. When I make the bracelets, I think about the person who will receive it, even if I do not know who they are. And I mindfully braid in my prayers of loving kindness:

"May you be well
May you be safe
May you be at ease
May you be joyful
May you be free from suffering
May you be at peace
May you be filled with loving kindness."

We all can create a loving space for positive change in our communities and the world, by doing one thing where you can, when you can and how you are able - and this project is what I am able to do.

It is not easy living in this world with a disability that limits so much of what I am able to do for income. With your monthly pledge as a Patron, I will not only be able to pay my bills but also continue my Kindness Bracelet project. All bracelets are gifted free of charge world-wide through my website and your patronage helps me keep that possible! Thank you!

With love and light,
Kristen, aka ‘the blissful earthworm’

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