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“We all bloom from within. We only need to plant the right seeds and water them with unconditional love, kindness, and compassion.” - Ana B. Paixão

My name is Ana and I am the founder of The Bloom from Within Project.

This project was born in June 2017 with the purpose of uniting humanity in what the ego has separated by planting seeds of love where fear has been living for far too long.
In our minds.

The teachings I share come from the translation of divine transmissions that embrace what the Spiritual Realms are wanting us to accept as a universal truth on this planet, which is the unconditional love that runs through our veins.

Regardless of your religion, your beliefs, your cultural background, your upbringing, or the God that you worship, I see no separation between my source and yours.
We are One.

We are all created from the Divine, and all the ways in which we choose to honor that should be free for private exploration and personal choice.

I am not here to show you where the world divides and collides, but rather to show you how we all merge on a deeper soul level and how we can all live in the Oneness of this Universe.

It is my belief that we all come from love and to love we shall return.
What we do with our time between those stages is entirely up to our willingness to surrender to spirit and allow our lives to be as meaningful and as authentic as possible.

The word has incredible healing powers, but it also has the potentially destructive ability to create separation between earthlings if we so chose to use it that way.
I have chosen to use mine for the collective union and healing of humanity, and with the purpose of bringing joy, clarity, focus, alignment, and resonance through Source to the hearts of the ones who are open to receive it.

This is a collection of soulful transmissions that will allow you to breathe from the heart and experience life from the freedom of your spirit.

It is made out of unconditional love and eternal forgiveness for all beings, and I am praying that it sparks intention and awakens the infinite power of your higher wisdom as much as it does to mine in the process of doing it.

I truly appreciate your contribution to this project as I aim to reach as many people as possible, anywhere in the world in spite of their life circumstances.

Your support is invaluable and precious.
Thank you for being part of this movement!

With love and gratitude,

Ana B. Paixão

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My goal is to extend my healing transmissions to as many people as possible and to inspire people to do the same by guiding them towards their personal freedom, their soul's mission, and their spirit's purpose.
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