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We'll be using Patreon to directly interact with our listeners, take questions, submit topics/discussions for our show, select a quiz theme for our weekly segment "place your bets", heck.. if you have an interest in Blizzard games we'll even let you on the show, that's how crazy we are!




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About The Blue Recluse

Greetings, Traveller!

And welcome to The Blue Recluse.

We are a weekly podcast dedicated to all things Blizzard Entertainment, you know... those guys that made that game? World of Warcraft and more importantly, Lost Vikings. We have also been known to post occasional videos on YouTube.

With your pledge, not only will you help us become even better, you will help us create even more content! Also we'll finally be able to pay the Gnomes and Goblins who edit the show. Hell, it's about time!

Disclaimer: As of January 2018, we fired all the Gnomes and Goblins.. so we would spend this on massive amounts of Stormwind Brie and Junglevine Wine instead.

It's truly been a humbling experience getting messages and feedback of how people enjoy our show and honestly, backing us up on here is almost beyond words, but we thank you deeply from our hearts and you'll be certain to never pay for a drink in The Blue Recluse again... honest!

Below is a list of our current rewards we have lined up, but rest assured, as we continue to grow, so will our rewards!

Rewards for backing The Blue Recluse on Patreon:
  • Influence our main show topics
  • Special access to secret channels on our Discord
  • A free pass to be a guest on The Blue Recluse*

    *Alliance players only**

    **Just kidding!

$4 of $5,000 per month
We'll never talk about Warlords of Draenor ever again...
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