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About The Board Podcast

The Board Podcast started as an idea that the Mechanical Keyboard Community would be interested in having a regular source of entertainment, talking about the news, interesting developments, and of course, the drama that happens about Mechanical Keyboards. Here we are, a year on and still going, delivering weekly (mostly) podcasts to shoot the breeze, sometimes guests, and just talk Mechanical Keyboards.

Its been a great journey so far, one that has to be acknowledged to be because of you guys, our listeners, fans, supporters, donators, who have helped fund our podcasting hosting costs, who have sent us cool things to review, who have come onto the show to talk, expand our horizons all about Mechanical Keyboards.  We've had a great time so far, and we'd like to continue to do so.

We've come to Patreon to look at how we can offer something back to the community further, by having funding to go towards better goodies for giveaways, upgrading our audio gear, and possibly long term, being able to fly someone out to another country to come along to meetups!

Of course, even without any additional funding, we're still going to be making content, still going to be podcasting and YouTubing, because that is what we love to do.

We want all of our content to be available to everyone, and to this, we're not going to have 'paid for' content, and 'delay release' content, so hopefully our reward tiers will reflect only 'extras' that in no shape or form will affect your ability to reach our content.

So, once again, thank you for hanging out with us, spending your time listening, watching, hopefully enjoying us talk everything and anything about Mechanical Keyboards.

If you've never been over and checked out any of our podcasts, you can find them there at

Until next time, Happy Clacking :)
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  • The amazing warm fuzzy feeling of supporting a community based podcast, kind of like buying one Zealio a month for the feels, but then misplacing that Zealio and having to get another one next month.
  • Our sincere appreciation, and a shoutout on the next episode for joining the Patreon.
Ring RIng!
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  • Don will record for you one Voicemail Message for your private use, and you even get to write the script for it (30sec Max.)
  • Everything from the A Dollaroo for the Feelios
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I'd like to be able to get a bunch of The Board Merch for giveaways.
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