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We are a scientist and a medical doctor, science communicators who joined forces in 2015 to bring good science to health issues you care about. Our podcast is a labour of love, which involves not just us but fantastic collaborators like comedians and musicians. We also make videos about crucial concepts in science in order to promote scientific literacy. We have thrown an amazing stage show together once; have done two live podcast recordings at Montreal’s biggest English-language science symposium; and at least one of us is regularly featured on the radio and on TV [J: yeah, yeah Chris, big deal. Do you have a viral video that was seen by 12.5 million people? Didn’t think so].

All of this work represents weeknights and weekends of research, production, and editing. Want to help us make it even better? This is your chance!

The Pitch

Is it true?

Does taking massive doses of vitamins really reduce the size of a cancerous tumour? Are pharmaceutical companies poisoning us with chemicals and is “natural” where it’s at? Should we all be gluten free? or fat free? or carb free? Can the signs of ageing be reversed with a 300$ tube of beauty cream?

The Internet allows fantasies to thrive, but your health (and wallet) should not be the target of nonsense. There is a body of evidence out there, and Dr. Christopher Labos and Jonathan Jarry are staring it right in the face.

Through a podcast, a shared blog, and videos (and even appearances on the radio and in person), we explore what reproducible evidence has to say on important medical topics, and how scientific thinking shouldn’t be the sole purview of researchers. The bickering is just the cherry on top.

Listen at: (also on iTunes, Google Play, and Stitcher!)

Dr. Christopher Labos

Dr. Christopher Labos is a cardiologist with a degree in epidemiology and biostatistics. He spends most of his time doing things that he doesn’t get paid for, like doing research, teaching, and podcasting. Occasionally, he finds time to practice as a cardiologist so he can pay his rent. He realizes that half of his research findings will be disproved in five years: he just doesn’t know which half. He is a freelance contributor for the Montreal Gazette, National Post, and Globe and Mail, and has also appeared on CBC Radio and CBC Television. To date, no one has recognized him on the street.

Jonathan Jarry

Jonathan Jarry is a biological scientist born and bred in Canada who once worked for the U.S. Armed Forces, using the power of DNA technology to identify really old American soldiers. He has also helped to characterize a new form of muscular dystrophy and spent many years in a clinical laboratory, designing assays and managing rapid-turnover diagnostic tests which allow physicians to make informed decisions regarding cancer patient care. He is currently employed as a science communicator for the McGill Office for Science and Society. He is a rationalist who believes each and every person should be empowered with the necessary knowledge to make rational, informed decisions about their health and the world around them. And he wears waistcoats. The world better get used to it.

The Plea

Would you consider a gift of a few dollars each month to contribute to the work that we do?

Have a look at our goals to know what you’d be helping us with, and take a gander at our reward system. The bigger the gift, the warmer the hug you’ll get from us.

Thanks to your generosity, we will continue to fight pseudoscience on your behalf!
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