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It's 2 am, your mom just called you from a pay phone. Your knuckles are bloody and you realize, as the waitress brings out the check, that you only have a handful of crumbled up dollar bills in your pocket.

And John's there, waiting to fight you in the parking lot. He does this every Tuesday.

- Access to CAIN early releases.

- Access to ANIMALHEADS chapters.

- Previews of any projects.

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You've had four beers. You know this because your left shoe always comes untied by the fourth beer, ever since you were legal enough to drink.

You're avoiding Denny's but that's okay, because there's this new place under the highway that has a swanky jukebox and an interactive meatgrinder. John's there too, but only on Wednesdays. And it's never Wednesday.

- Access to And Then Came Morning releases with illustrations by Cathy Kwan.

- Access to CAIN early releases and illustrations commissioned.

- Access to ANIMALHEADS chapters and illustrations commissioned.

- Previews of any projects.

- NSFW content. 



About Son M.


I'm Son. I'm a writer based in Chicago who has a penchant for the unsettling and the weird, while also including an interesting amount of friendship. I often do prose work, as well as comic scripts and I am currently developing and writing (along with an amazing group) the Love Shore visual novel. A lot of my work reflects the experience of growing into yourself while faced with some pretty terrible circumstances and I often draw my inspiration from pop culture. All of my work is LGBT+.

This patreon will act as my dumping ground, where I will put story WIPs, concepts, current projects and chapter updates before the general public will get access to it. I will also be running polls and taking suggestions, as well as writing about my experiences.

What this patreon will often feature:
  • And Then Came Morning, a crime mystery/thriller. Ezriel Wang and Link Amin are two young detectives working reluctantly together to solve homicide cases in Central London. As they uncover one mystery after another, something sinister seems to be brewing, something bigger and scarier than either of them are ready for. (Co-created and illustrated by Cathy Kwan).
  • CAIN, a story with a visual expression (co-created and illustrated by Dri) that follows two young men who have seemingly nothing, traveling the wasteland in order to kill organic landscapes called Titans, before they wake. Contains tons of action, comedy and friendship.
  • ANIMALHEADS, a story about four young adults who realize that a life of crime is exactly what they need post-college. Campy, with a heavy dose of violence that's often played up to extremes. Think if John Wick met the Boondock Saints.
  • WITH SUCH HELL, a SF Muslim/Berber inspired comic that deals with the loss of one's self and the sickening disease that is greed and obsession. Illustrated by Robin Yao. The pages are uploaded directly to patreon!
  • Written drabbles and one-shots, script previews.
  • Flash fiction, commissions and written D&D adventures of being a DM.

The goal of this patreon is to hopefully sustain me while I work on these projects and produce the writing I find enjoyable. I want to be able to pay the editors that make my work pleasant and I want to work with others in new stories and cool concepts. 

If you like my writing and want to support me, this is the place!

Thank you.
Son M. 

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If I make it to having 100 patrons, I'll be able to rest easy and upload more frequently. A lot of my work, unless stated otherwise, is edited by a paid editor and I would like to comfortably be able to give more clean edited work (though sharing my drafts is fun too). 
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