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                MISSION STATEMENT

We are creating a platform for people to connect with one another, share ideas and get inspired and to inspire others to do the same! With the ultimate goal of spreading love and positivity, the project aims to establish a 'chain' of ongoing high vibration experiences that promote much needed healing and a sense of community and serious FUN!  We are signing up Love Ambassadors in other communities to expand the love and create ongoing connectivity events.

Hi everyone!
My name is Elle and I am a passionate person that has always thrived on connecting with people.  My mission in life is to inspire and help others to feel fully alive.  
I created this Patreon to get support to allow this 'movement' to expand, and to give me the resources to commit to it 100%.
I am already doing this work, but I want to expand it and if I can get a large chunk of supporters to pledge $1 per month, I can transition into this project being my main focus and take this work to the next level.
People are having amazing responses to what is being created. They tell me how much this is needed out in the world, that they want to see more of it.  I agree.  We are living in a wonky world and the effect from the bliss mobs, free advice booth, slow clap, etc. is undeniable.  It is restoring people's faith in humanity.  These 'happenings' are FREE and FUN and interactive.  I encourage everyone to get involved.  Show up and get out of our comfort zones.  I have never felt more alive than during one of the 'happenings'.   There is science behind this.  It is healing to be touched, 'seen', and connected to each other.  This positivity is helping to counteract all the negativity that people are bombarded with on a daily basis. I feel the shift that is being created.  It is bringing people together.  Giving us permission to connect again. 
The Free Advice/Booth Fairy'' booth creates a portal for human connection.  Yes. sometimes there is silliness and laughing and dancing, I use humor to get people's guard down and open their hearts.  There is also important conversation, tears, and vulnerability.  I love to help people overcome struggles that I have dealt with in my own life.  I help people quit smoking cigarettes, eat better, discontinue negative habits, and give them permission to get out of their comfort zone too, and be fully expressed in their life.

This is what I was meant to do in my life.  I have no doubt.  I will continue to live this mission.  The bliss mobs will spread and will take place across the US, causing the collective vibration to rise, and bring happiness and love to people everywhere.  As the project grows, more advice booths, slow claps, 'free hug' signs will be created and distributed to spread this message of connection.  I am asking you to help monetarily. To give $1 or more per month, and also to please come join in one of the events.  I promise you will leave feeling better and more connected.  

$742 of $3,000 per month
YES! With this goal met, I will have the resources and time to reach more people with this message of connection and love.  

Regular events are occuring. They include: free hug flash mobs, nursing home bliss mobs,setting up the free advice booth, slow clap challenges, clash for trash, scavenger hunts,  and other positivity events.  These happenings will be FREE for the public to attend and all of the ideas from this project will be shared freely.  People are encouraged to foster connection directly in their community, using the different portals for connection provided through the project.
The project will be able to expand in your community and beyond, spreading the simple message of fun, healing and love.  These 'happenings' are getting people to interact with one another again, they are restoring people's faith in humanity at a time when the world needs it most!
The Bliss Mobs are simple and very effective in creating positive change.  My goal is to eventually have love ambassadors in all major cities in the US gathering monthly (at least) to create ongoing positivity events.  They are FREE and FUN!  And people LOVE them.
This is working.  People are connecting.  They are getting inspired. 
 And now it needs to grow. 

The following items will be acquired ongoing (including basic living requirements). :
signs for 'Free Hug' events
slow claps
positivity merch (t shirts, stickers, prints, buttons, printouts, 'Hello My Name is' stickers)
advice booths (standard wooden booths, the blueprint to create your own, the menu, plus a more mobile, easy-up booth for on the go advice :)
LOTS OF BOOKS! the Easyway To Quit Smoking books by Alan Carr, and additional books and dvd's to inspire positive change
love shakers
Booth Fairy vehicle (van for travel/lodging combined)
travel expenses when bringing these 'happenings to new communities'
Booth Fairy 'starter kits', assisting love ambassadors in other cities to start the 'Love Chain'
               These will be funded through this Patreon,
                and not to be sold for profit to people

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 12 exclusive posts
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