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You will also receive the bonuses from all previous tiers.

Temporarily Paused
The following perks unfortunately aren't available for Wraithblade, but will resume for my next series.
  • Read NEW unpublished chapters of my current manuscript, up to 10% of the novel
  • early eBook copy of my new self-published releases
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About S. M. Boyce

Welcome to the Boyce Nation.

Hi, there.

I'm Boyce, a lifelong novelist known for action-packed epic fantasy, powerful heroes, and riveting magical stories filled with twists and intrigue. My novels are rife with humor, self-discovery, and heart-pounding adventure. Since 2011, I've published dozens of novels across four pen names and a multiplicity of genres.

My life has always been about books and the amazing nerds who love them.

This Boyce Nation patreon has a singular purpose: to give you cool bonuses you can't get elsewhere.

You're the reason I get to write full time, so I feel called to create something special for you.

Something extra.

Something for the elite.

Something only a true lover of fantasy fiction could appreciate.

So, I welcome you, fellow magical geek, to an experience like nothing else I've ever created.

You have the chance to launch this with me. To have a deep and lasting say in what happens (and doesn't.) To give feedback and see what no one else gets to see. 

This is going to be epic, my friend.

You're part of the beginning... the beginning of something beautiful, weird, and truly magical.

Let's DO this.

How Patreon Works

Patreon isn't a bunch of starving artists asking for a handout -- it's a private club.

This is where you get stuff you can't find elsewhere. Backstage access. Exclusive insights. Super-cool stuff weeks or even months before anyone else sees it. That sort of thing.

What's cooler, though, is that you're part of the process. You vote. You learn. You connect. You hang out on video calls with me.

For a few bucks per month (or more, if you're feeling super-snazzy today), you're IN.

Now, please note, you are so important to me. Your happiness, health, and family are #1. Please do not stretch yourself financially. I trust you and the choices you make, and I will never ever feel slighted if this isn't for you right now. When you join, I want to make sure it's because you're head over heels for what you get.

Speaking of...

What's in it for you?

Here's the beauty of patreon: you only subscribe to what YOU want. 

Each tiers is crafted differently, consisting of exclusive behind-the-scenes content, early ebooks, signed paperback copies, and new weekly chapters.

With each tier, you get all the bonuses in the levels above as well.

That means if you're an Immortal Warlock, you get EVERYTHING the Boyce Nation Members and Legendary Heroes get, too. Plus, of course, the bragging rights of getting to call yourself an Immortal Warlock, which is secretly all any of us really wants out of life.

Which of those sounds most like what YOU want? Scroll up to join the level for you!

Where your money goes

The running joke is that we authors are lone, solitary creatures that sit in our writing caves. Occasionally, we crawl from the rubble and throw a book at you, before hissing violently at the sun and retreating back to the reclusive safety of the empty vodka bottles and pizza boxes littering our nests.

I mean, you're not way off, but there is a bit of nuance to consider.

My amazing team helps me do what I do: the cover designers, the editors, the marketing team, the ad gurus. I have team members all over the world, and I'm told they like food, so I do my best to take care of them.

It takes a village to release a successful book, and your contribution helps me expand, hire more people, and make more of those books you love. 

Honestly, there's nothing quite like knowing I can pay rent to fuel my creativity. Money panic = no books, y'all.

Thank you from the bottom of my cold, black heart. You're amazing. ❤

Common Questions

Do I have to pay in US Dollars?
Nope! That's just the currency I list the options in. This site is completely tailored to your preferences. If you want to pay in your local currency, it'll be automatically converted for you. Easy peasy. 

How often do you post? I don't want to pay you monthly if you don't do something.
Never fear, boss. I will post at least once per week with something cool for you to enjoy. You'll get your money's worth (and then some, because I like to over-deliver).

How often do you mail things in your Immortal Warlock and Dragon Boss levels?
Every month. That means you'll get something in your mailbox every. single. month. On the super-rare occasions where something comes up in my personal life and I can't mail you something one month, I will find a suitable way to make it up to you. I'll keep you posted every step of the way.

I'm broke, dude. Can I still become a Patron?
Yes, absolutely. Even just $3/mo is a massive, powerful, incredible, insanely epic way to support me. There is equal love between all contribution levels -- whether it's $3 or $3,000. 

If $3 is too high right now, please don't feel bad about this, okay? I trust you and the choices you make, and I will not feel slighted if this isn't for you right now. You can always come to it later. I'll be here. When you join, I want to make sure it's because you're head over heels for what you get.

Can I stop donating in the future if I can't afford it?
Yeah, of course! You can decrease, increase, or delete your pledge at any time for any reason. I will still love you. 

I have a question you didn't answer. Can you help me?
Yeah, I've got your back. Your best bet, though, is to reach out at the incredible people who run this site. They probably have a more succinct answer for you than even I could find.

Not sure how to use Patreon? Ran into a problem with signing up? No worries. The Patreon support team is really friendly and helpful. Send them a message by clicking here.

If you have questions specifically about this page, the options you have, or my books, you can  message me. I'll get back to you ASAP.
7 of 25 patrons
Let's commission a custom wallpaper!

This stellar community gets to vote on a custom wallpaper that will be released exclusively to patrons. 

  • Legendary heroes (and above) get to vote on what wallpaper will be made when we reach each milestone
  • Immortal Warlocks (and above) get to suggest what goes into the poll when we all vote on what the custom wallpapers will be

Will you vote for Quinn riding Blaze into battle? How about Connor and Quinn in their first fight? Maybe Zander shooting lightning at Connor and the wraith, or even Zander going to town on some blightwolves?

The possibilities are endless...
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