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About Derek Boyko


My name is Derek Boyko, but I am best known for my stream handle on Twitch as TheBoyks and I have been making streaming and video content since 2011. I've been a Twitch Partner for over four years and to answer your question, yes I am THAT Pepsiman guy. You can usually catch me on stream throughout the week jumping between speedruns, casual games, and gaming oddities like the Kinect or randomizers. In addition to my personal speedrunning activity, I have also been in multiple Games Done Quick events and you may have even heard my voice on the Hosting station more than a few times since 2015!

I am also the main organizer and graphics guy for an online speedrun marathon called Valuethon! Valuethon is a bi-yearly speedrun marathon that focuses on creating a fun environment for speedrunners to get together and show off their favorite runs. We raised over $1000 for Save the Children in 2019 so far.

One other of my many projects is that I am an editor and main producer of a podcast about good doggos in bad movies called Ruff Cuts in addition with my good buddy Ilyon_. In the podcast we watch bad movies with a dog as a main character, discuss the film and all of the atrocities it has brought to cinema as an art form, and then rate the doggos. This might be the most important podcast in the entire world right now.


Patreon is a great tool for consumers and creators to interact directly together. I can get direct feedback on the type of content you folks want to see and even produce that content for you. In addition to direct feedback and support, I can also offer some services to my patrons to help give back a bit further than the content itself. For example, I am willing to help out with stream graphics, hosting consultation, and any general streaming advice for aspiring streamers.With Patreon you have an avenue to more easily give me some money to help support and fund all of the content shown on the stream and off as well as get some extra neat rewards back in return.


Basically, you agree to pay me X amount for every month of streaming/producing content. Instead of, say, spending five dollars on an expensive coffee (but seriously, Pumpkin Spice Latte is my JAM), you can give me a fraction of that so I can make cool and unique gaming content and podcasts for you to enjoy. If we hit certain goals, I'll purchase various equipment to improve the stream and more gaming oddities to show off. Patreon cuts out a lot of the middle-men when it comes to supporting me, so instead of Twitch taking half of a sub or Paypal taking a huge cut of a specific donation, I'll be seeing a lot more of what you want to give me. This means that you can give relatively small amounts and it still makes a substantial impact on the amount you're supporting me with. Patreon also helps me know a more definite amount of income from the stream than subs/donations alone and I can use this information to make more informed decisions on stream upgrades.

All you have to do is click the green "Become a Patron" button at the top of the page and decide how much to give, pick your perk level if applicable, and put in your payment information.

Thanks for checking out the Patreon and for your support. I really appreciate it. <3
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I will take a picture wearing bunny ears and holding a rainbow llama at the Space Needle for your amusement.
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