Star is creating art and comics!!!!

Demon Tier

$1 /mo
Access to  concept sketches and art, character profiles, HI-RES lineart, private livestreams and my eternal gratitude. Send me ideas to draw because I always need em. 

Pafhelian Tier

$5 /mo
All of the rewards on the Demon Tier, plus progress gifs of pages and artwork and exclusive comics only seen here!

Human Tier

$10 /mo
All of the rewards on the Demon and Pafhelian Tier, plus tutorials, downloadable brushes, downloadable psd raws, HI-RES art, wallpapers, occasional prints and more!

Lord of Hell Tier

$15 /mo
What's a tier reward suitable for Satan™  himself? Why, NSFW art of course!

Special Perks:

- You get top priority on nsfw requests.  Submit any prompts and I'll do my best to work on them...